A Glimpse into History at the Prince Mohamed Ali Palace Museum

Ahram Online , Wednesday 23 Aug 2023

Under the title "The Nile is the Lifeline", the Prince Mohamed Ali Palace Museum in Manial presents a temporary archaeological exhibition on water, in celebration of Inundation Day, which falls on 15 August each year.

Mohamed Ali Palace Museum


Amal Seddiq, Director General of the Manial Palace Museum, said the exhibition will run for 30 days and includes a distinguished collection of tools and water-drinking utensils that once belonged to Prince Mohamed Ali.

The exhibition will also feature a collection of artifacts from the Khedival family of Mohamed Ali, exhibited for the first time, including medals, the Nile medallion, a crystal basin and a jug with silver foliage decoration, a silver refrigerator, as well as a set of crystal decanters and cups, in addition to a variety of exhibits related to the Nile river.

The Prince Mohamed Ali Palace Museum is among Egypt's most beautiful historical museums. The building itself recalls an important period in the history of modern Egypt and showcases a unique modern Islamic architectural style, incorporating Persian, Mamluk, Andalusian and Ottoman elements.

The sumptuous palace, built between 1900 and 1929, features dozens of rooms, including a reception area, clock tower, a sabil fountain, mosque, hunting museum, living quarters and throne room, in addition to the wonderful garden surrounding the palace.

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