Egypt joins global partnership to develop education

Ahram Online , Saturday 2 Sep 2023

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education announced on Saturday that Egypt has joined the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) as a major step toward advancing education.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education
The Ministry of Education and Technical Education


Established in 2002 and hosted by the World Bank, the GPE stands as the largest global fund dedicated to enhancing education in lower-income countries and operates as a multi-stakeholder partnership.

"Joining the Global Education Partnership bolsters the ministry's commitment to achieving the goals of developing the education system and implementing the ministry's strategic plan (2024-2029)," said Minister of Education and Technical Education Reda Hegazy.

According to the GPE's website, the partnership's mission revolves around mobilizing worldwide efforts to ensure education and learning opportunities for all in a fair and high-quality manner by prioritizing effective and efficient education systems.

It aims to comprehensively transform education systems according to each country's unique context, using evidence-based approaches and strengthening government-led education systems.

The global partnership brings together donors, multilateral institutions, civil society, teacher representatives, philanthropic foundations, and the private sector to support partner countries' education plans.

Partner countries are granted financial support to facilitate their educational initiatives, enhance overall coordination, planning, and manage data through system capacity grants.

Additionally, system transformation grants are provided to drive targeted reforms of education systems, while multiplier grants enable countries to leverage additional external funding alongside GPE funds.

Egypt is eligible to receive both system capacity and multiplier grants, with maximum amounts of $50 million and $4.4 million, respectively, as stated on the GPE's official website.

Egypt’s education roadmap

In August, the education minister launched a social dialogue to deliberate on the 2024-2029 strategic plan.

The priorities of the dialogue were to address the plan’s key priorities, identify challenges, and chart a course towards achieving these priorities, Hegazy explained.

The social dialogue also involved the formulation of recommendations tailored to these priorities and the overarching plan.

The educational development plan, aligned with Egypt's 2030 vision, encompasses six main pillars: access and participation, equity and inclusivity, quality of learning and teaching, system governance and management, digital transformation, and innovation.

The strategic plan also aims to address various issues, including promoting moral values and respect for others, discovering and supporting talents, in addition to advancing political awareness and youth engagement. 

According to Hegazy, all elementary school curricula, from kindergarten to sixth grade, have been developed in alignment with the ministry's strategic plan.

The general framework for middle school curricula has also been established, while the development of high school curricula is next, he added.

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