Awladna Foundation to hold seventh forum for arts of children with special abilities

Reham El-Adawi , Wednesday 6 Sep 2023

The Awladna (Our Children) Foundation for the Arts of People with Special Abilities held a press conference at the Greater Cairo Library in Zamalek on 2 September to unveil the details of the seventh edition of the Awladna International Forum for Arts of the Gifted.

Awladna forum
Awladna forum founder Soheir Abdel-Qader and Vice-President of Awladna Foundation Ashraf Reda with participants at the conference


The forum, titled "Life is Sweet" this year, is set to be held from 22 to 29 September and will feature the participation of 42 Arab and foreign countries, as well as numerous artists and creators from diverse fields.

The event will be held in conjunction with the Afro-Chinese Arts and Folklore Festival. 

Soheir Abdel-Qader, head of Awladna Foundation for the Arts of People with Special Abilities and founder of Awladna forum, said "This year, we celebrate seven consecutive years of patronage by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, and the continuation of the support of six ministries, the National Council, and civil society institutions in supporting our children, developing their talents, and enhancing the process of their integration into society, especially the international integration adopted by Awladna Foundation for the Arts of People with Special Abilities.

"We celebrate the participation of 42 Arab and foreign countries who were keen to participate with us in various activities, such as film screenings, theatre shows, fine art exhibitions, workshops and seminars, including new countries such as Poland, Sri Lanka, Japan and Brazil... [and] the Republic of China, which has been supporting the Afro-Chinese Arts and Folklore festival since its first session. We also have a distinguished participation by Russia," added Abdel-Qader.

"A number of artists are participating in this current session, such as singers Hani Shaker, Safaa Abul-Saoud, as well as actors Donia Abdel-Aziz, Mido Adel, Tareq Sabry, and song writer Amir Taaima."

Ashraf Reda, artist and vice-president of Awladna Foundation, said "The forum’s Fine Arts and Traditional Crafts Committee, which I supervise, is organising a large number of activities this year. We have an exhibition for Japanese children organized by artist Hussein El-Zanati, a photography exhibition organized by well-known photographer Galal El-Masry, as well as the International Exhibition for Arts, which will be opened by the minister of culture on 23 September."

Present at the conference were Nevine El-Kilani, the minister of culture, Ambassador Soha El-Guindy, minister of state for Emigration and Egyptians' Affairs Abroad, Maha El-Hilaly, deputy minister of solidarity, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Amr Haddad, together with Deputy Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Nashwa Talaat, and Iman Karim, general supervisor of the National Council for Persons with Disabilities.

The conference began with a documentary film about the details of the upcoming session and an artistic performance by Awladna Foundation talents.

El-Kilani said, "an important exhibition of plastic arts will be inaugurated by the minister of culture at the Cairo Opera House on 23 September."

Ambassador El-Guindy said "holding the forum on an annual basis is a great success for those with special abilities and unique creativity." She emphasized the interest of her ministry in supporting Egypt's children in all fields.

This year's forum is set to honour a number of influential figures, such as veteran actress Samira Ahmed for highlighting models of people with special abilities through her role in the film Al-Kharsaa (the mute girl), Mustafa Zamzam for his role in social services campaigns, social activist with special abilities Rania Hammad, and Indian child Raja, one of the examples of the success of people with special abilities.

The activities of the forum will include various daily artistic performances, including film screenings, art exhibitions, workshops, and cultural seminars hosted by many artistic, cultural, and historical venues in Cairo.

The venues include the Cairo Opera House, Al-Hanager Arts Centre outer space, Al-Azhar Park, the Air Forces House, the Faculty of Fine Arts, Al-Moez Street in Old Cairo, the American University in Cairo, the New Administrative Capital, Al-Alfi Square, Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357, and the Traditional Crafts Centre in Al-Fustat.

Various cultural centres affiliated with the embassies of the participating countries will also hold forum activities.

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