Egypt announces tuition increases for private and public schools

Ahram Online , Tuesday 5 Sep 2023

Egypt's Ministry of Education and Technical Education has increased private and international school tuition by 6 to 25 percent for the academic year 2023/2024, while also adjusting government school tuition.

Photo: Al-Ahram

Minister of Education and Technical Education Reda Hegazy announced on Tuesday, according to the Ahram Arabic website, new tuition increases for private and international schools for the coming year are as follows:

  • Schools with tuition less than 5,000 EGP: 25 percent.
  • Schools with tuition starting from 5,000 EGP: 20 percent.
  • Schools with tuition between 10,000 EGP and 15,000 EGP: 15 percent.
  • Schools with tuition between 15,000 EGP and 20,000 EGP: 12 percent.
  • Schools with tuition between 20,000 EGP and 25,000 EGP: 10 percent.
  • Schools with tuition between 25,000 EGP and 35,000 EGP: 7 percent.
  • Schools with tuition of 35,000 EGP or higher: 6 percent.
Government schools


Government schools will also undergo tuition adjustments this year, as per Hegazy's Ministerial Decree No. 136 of 2023. The decree also lists categories of schools and students exempted from fees and categories eligible for a 50 percent discount.

These adjustments include a minor increase of approximately 7 EGP for preparatory, secondary, and technical secondary school grades as compared to the previous year.

The tuition for school and other activities across all educational stages are as follows:

  • Kindergarten and primary grades: 312.60 EGP
  • Preparatory stage: 212.60 EGP
  • First grade of general secondary school: 527.60 EGP
  • Second to third grade of general secondary school: 512.60 EGP
  • First grade of technical secondary school (all types and systems, 3-5 years): 227.60 EGP
  • Other technical secondary school grades (all types and systems, 3-5 years): 212.60 EGP
Paying in instalments


Payments for public school fees in 2023 are to be made in three instalments: the first in October 2023, the second in January 2024, and the third in March 2024.

These payments are to be made to the account of the Educational Projects Support Fund, electronically or via post offices, using the student's national ID number as a reference.

Certain categories of students are eligible for a 50 percent discount on tuition and other education fees, including:

1. Children of education sector employees (current and retired).

2. Children of deceased female education sector employees.

Moreover, several categories of students are exempt from tuition fees, service fees, and student activity fees at schools of all educational stages. These categories include:

  • Children of martyrs of the January 25 revolution or those injured in the revolution.
  • Children of families receiving social security pensions, assistance, and pensions from the Ministry of Social Solidarity, who are enrolled in public schools of all types.
  • Orphaned students.
  • Students residing in social care homes.
  • Children of widowed, abandoned, and divorced women.
  • Children of blind parents.
  • Children of parents with special needs.
  • Children whose fathers were recently released from prison and have no fixed income, following an assessment by school authorities.
  • Students of Hala'ib, Shalateen, and Abu Ramad schools (Red Sea Governorate) and North Sinai schools, as well as students enrolled in North Sinai schools presently attached to schools in other governorates.
  • Students of special education schools, one-classroom schools, community education schools, girl-friendly schools, child-friendly schools in challenging circumstances, and illiterate students.

The new academic year is scheduled to begin on 30 September 2023 and continue till 8 June 2024 for all schools.

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