Kafr El-Sheikh Museum to host exhibition on ancient Egyptian writing

Nevine El-Aref , Thursday 7 Sep 2023

In celebration of International Literacy Day 2023, Kafr El-Sheikh Museum will host an exhibition on the origins of ancient Egyptian writing and its progression across the country's many dynasties.

Kafr El-Sheikh Museum


Osama Farid, Director of Kafr El-Sheikh Museum, explains that the exhibition will feature eight artefacts showcasing the different forms of writing in ancient Egypt.

Among the artefacts on display will be a wooden plaque engraved with hieroglyphics, a piece of bronze work stamped with Latin, and a limestone block with Hieratic carvings. 

The exhibition will last until mid-October.

The Kafr Al-Sheikh Museum was inaugurated by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi as one of a raft of new educational, cultural, and infrastructure projects, among them three museums in different governorates: the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum in South Sinai, the Kafr El-Sheikh Museum in Kafr El-Sheikh, and the Royal Carriage Museums in Cairo.

The Kafr El-Sheikh Museum holds a collection of distinguished artefacts showing the diversity of Egyptian civilization through different ages.

 The idea to build a museum housing the antiquities of Kafr Al-Sheikh started as early as 1992, when the governorate allocated a plot of land for it. Construction started in 2003, stopped in 2011, and then resumed in 2018 with a budget of LE62 million.

The new museum is located in the Sanaa Gardens next to Kafr El-Sheikh University, and houses the countless antiquities discovered in the city and governorate, which served as a capital of Egypt in ancient times.
Some of the main sources for the museum's collection are the ancient royal cities of Buto and Sakha, originally dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis.

Buto, the capital of Lower Egypt before its unification with Upper Egypt, is the source of basalt statues of sphinxes and the god Horus, along with a black granite plate from the reign of King Thutmose III.

The city of Sakha was host to the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph during their flight into Egypt to escape the edicts of King Herod, and became an ancient centre of Christianity. It today hosts the historic Church of the Virgin and a slab said to bear the footprint of Jesus.

The museum's permanent exhibit tells the story of the ancient gods Isis and Osiris, and the conflict between Horus and Seth. Visitors can learn about the history of Kafr El-Sheikh, and sciences in ancient Egypt.

Since 1967, ILD events have taken place annually around the world, celebrating the value of literacy to healthy and prosperous societies.


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