Green, white and red! Mexico celebrates 213 years of independence in Cairo

Reham El-Adawi , Sunday 17 Sep 2023

The embassy of Mexico in Cairo held a lavish reception party to celebrate the 213th anniversary of Mexico’s independence and the 65th anniversary of the start of bilateral relations with Egypt.

Minister He ctor Ortega
Minister He ctor Ortega, Charge d affaires of Mexico to Egypt

Minister Héctor Ortega, charge d'affaires of the Mexican embassy in Egypt, highlighted the strong political, cultural, archaeological, and economic relations between Egypt and Mexico.   

Ambassador Ashraf Mounir, Egypt's Deputy Foreign Minister for Latin American affairs, attended the party along with the ambassadors of Argentina, Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Panama, Bangladesh, Vatican, Venezuela, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Ireland, Azerbaijan, and members of the Mexican community in Egypt.

The event hailed the courage and resilience of those who led the independence journey and praised the flourishing partnership between Mexico and Egypt.

Political & cultural ties


Ortega said that Mexico and Egypt have engaged in fruitful discussions on several international issues, fostering mutual understanding and collaboration on the global stage.

"Cultural exchange has been a cornerstone of our bilateral relationship," he added.

Ortega also cited the Mexican archaeological mission, which has been working in Luxor for 18 years, as an outstanding example of cooperation between the two nations. 

"This mission showcases our shared commitment to preserving and understanding the rich historical heritage of Egypt. Their dedication is a testament to the enduring spirit of cooperation between our countries,” he explained.

Economic ties

Ortega affirmed that Mexico is the largest Latin American investor in Egypt.

"Just as Mexican companies have invested in Egypt, we’ve witnessed the rise of Egyptian companies in Mexico. This two-way flow of investments is a testament to our mutual trust, creating economic opportunities and strengthening our economic ties," he added.

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