'Truly Asia': One Day in Malaysia showcases in Cairo

Amr Yehia , Sunday 17 Sep 2023

The Embassy of Malaysia in Egypt held a cultural and entertaining event titled “One Day in Malaysia” to showcase Malaysian cultural heritage in Egypt.

A group of the ASEAN ambassadors in Egypt attending One Day in Malaysia event (photo credit of Malaysia embassy)


The event, held on Thursday in the Conrad Hotel in Cairo, was hosted by the Ambassador of Malaysia in Cairo Zamani Ismail.

It was attended by Ambassador Hazem El-Tahry, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for ASEAN affairs, ambassadors of Southeast Asian countries (ASEAN), and members of the Malaysian community in Egypt.

“The embassy is pleased to present an introduction of Malaysia’s rich cultural traditions and culinary heritage to all of you as we celebrate our 66th Independence Day (31 August) and our 60th Malaysia Day (16 September)," Ambassador Ismail told the event.

“For the past six decades, Malaysia - a multi-religious and culturally diverse country often referred to as Asia’s melting pot - has seen steady progress in our nation-building," added Ismail.

"We have transitioned from an agro-commodity-based economy to a manufacturing and service sector-based one,” he noted.

The embassy served popular Malaysian culinary delights such as nasi lemak, juicy Satay, and Teh Tarik.

Malaysians in Egypt

Ambassador Ismail noted that 7,000 Malaysians reside and study in Egypt, with most students enrolled at Al-Azhar University.

"I wish to take this opportunity to thank the government of Egypt and all its agencies for all its assistance and cooperation with Malaysia and our nationals in the country," said Ismail.

"Please visit Malaysia 'Truly Asia' – the one and only place where all the colours, flavours, and sounds of Asia come together."

The event featured a medley of traditional Malaysian dance, music, and a fashion show.

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