In photos: Turkish embassy in Cairo marks 100 years of the founding of the Republic of Turkey

Amr Yehia , Thursday 21 Sep 2023

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey and the 500th anniversary of the Turkish foreign service, the Turkish Embassy in Cairo held a classical and Turkish music concert at the residence of Ambassador Salih Mutlu Sen.

Salih Multu Sen and Mrs. Sen
Turkish ambassador Salih Multu Sen and Mrs. Sen with Minister of Civil Aviation Mohamed Abbas Helmy, Ms. Helmy.


The Egyptian ensemble Jemil Bey Zade performed 13 pieces of Western classical and Turkish music, such as Gülümcan by Murat Isbilen, Sulten-i Cedid Sa Semais by Şekeri Hafiz Udi Cemil Bey, I have Lost Yousuf in Kenaan Country by Suphi Ziya Ocbekkan, Chechen Girl by Tanburi Cemil Bey, and Spring Flowers Touched by Andrey Babayev.

In a surprise to attendees, the Turkish ambassador Sen sang, at the end of the concert, the song "Ay Giz" (Hey Girl) - a popular Azeri love song composed by Cihanger Cihangirov. Turkish food and sweets were served following the concert.

Attending the concert were the Minister of Civil Aviation Mohamed Abbas Helmy, actress Yousra, Saudi Consul in Cairo Sultan El-Sebai, and Major General Sherif Salah El-Din - Head of the New El Alamein City Authority. Also in attendance were the ambassadors of Jordan, Singapore, Belgium, the European Union, Slovenia, Albania, Greece, Tunisia, Malta, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Azerbaijan, the chargé d' affaires of the Macedonian embassy, the deputy ambassador of Venezuela, and the chargé d' affaires of the Dominican Republic embassy.

In a statement to Ahram Online, Sen explained that the concert was "a new and unique idea to have Turkish music performed by Egyptian musicians. It was very successful; they rehearsed five times before the concert, and performed several pieces of classical and Turkish music, which the audience enjoyed very much."

Classical Turkish music was developed during the Ottoman period, beginning with Dede Efendi. 

Classical Turkish music is centred on tunes, of which it has at least 498. About 80 tunes have reached the present day, and only half of these are actually used with any frequency. Every tone has its own emotions and connotations.

Many works of Turkish classical music were also written during Turkey's republican period. The genre has also left its mark in the rhythms of contemporary artists popular with younger generations of Turks.

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