Germany stands with Egypt in ‘times of crisis:’ German ambassador on Unification Day

Ahmed Kotb , Tuesday 10 Oct 2023

Germany’s Ambassador to Egypt Frank Hartmann said his country is committed to supporting Egypt in times of crisis by providing investment and trade across a range of sectors critical to the country’s development.

German Embassy
German Ambassador Frank Hartmann and his wife welcome their guests at the German Unification Day reception party


The ambassador made his remarks while celebrating German Unification Day on 3 October at the country’s embassy in Zamalek, Cairo.

During the event, Hartmann affirmed the strength of bilateral relations between Germany and Egypt.

"Germany stands alongside our Egyptian friends to support you in times of crisis to overcome existing difficulties," Hartmann stressed.

He pointed to the huge investments and trade in the fields of industry, technology, education, infrastructure, and energy, making Germany an essential partner in Egypt’s modernization efforts

The ambassador welcomed and encouraged Egypt’s ambitious reforms meant to stimulate the economy and promote the role of the private sector.

"Our bilateral development cooperation amounts to €1.8 million, which is one of the largest German development portfolios in the world," Hartmann stated.

Climate action is a pillar of this cooperation, he pointed out.

"The future lies in renewable energy from wind and photovoltaic, and perhaps in green hydrogen as well. To realize this goal, Germany alone contributes more than €250 million to the energy nexus of the [Nexus of Water, Food, and Energy (NWFE)] programme in Egypt," he said.

The ambassador also reflected on the legacy of German reunification, 33 years later. He said that the hopes of that time – “a united Europe and in a world with fewer armed conflicts, social injustices, and wars" – remain unfulfilled today.

Hartmann pointed to the Russian invasion of Ukraine as one such violation of the peaceful international order, adding that Germany supports Ukraine’s right to self-defence.

The ambassador also acknowledged conflicts outside of Europe.

"We cannot and will not turn a blind eye to the war in Sudan, the ongoing conflict in Libya, and the violence between Israelis and Palestinians," he said.

However, Europeans cannot just concern themselves with war, Hartmann said, adding that they must listen to the concerns and aspirations of their partners in the Global South.

Germany, through the EU and UN, has contributed significantly to global food security, including more than €100 million to Egypt through the World Food Programme, he noted.

The ambassador also pointed out that Germany has provided €200 million to alleviate the human suffering caused by the war in Sudan.

He also praised Egypt for taking in 350,000 refugees from Sudan, “which deserves our appreciation and strong support." 

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