In Photos: Support for Palestinians surges in western capitals amid escalating Israeli crimes against Gaza

Mohamed Badereldin, Saturday 14 Oct 2023

Tens of thousands of people worldwide, including those in countries that have declared their support for the Israeli attacks on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, are rallying behind the Palestinian cause as the latest chapter of conflict unfolds.

London Palestine Protests
Protesters attend a pro Palestinian demonstration in London, Saturday, Oct. 14, 2023. AP


Pro-Palestinian demonstrations have taken place in various cities in Western capitals.

Protesters demanding an end to Israel's military action in the Gaza Strip and criticizing foreign governmental support for Israel.

Thousands flooded the streets of Central London on Saturday with demands for an immediate end to Israeli action in Gaza and an end to the UK's support to Tel Aviv.

The rally, known as the "March for Palestine," attracted a diverse crowd of supporters from all walks of life, united by a shared belief in justice and compassion.

The vibrant sea of protesters draped in Palestinian flags and brandishing signs proclaiming "Free Palestine" filled the bustling intersection.

Their voices merged in a spirited chorus, echoing through the city's arteries as marched to Downing Street to make an impassioned plea to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Chants rang through the air, directly aimed at the governments of Britain and the United States, calling for an end to their support of Israel and urging them to stand for the rights and well-being of the Palestinian people.

Similar protests occurred in New York City, where protesters called for an end to Israeli occupation and the liberation of Palestinian territories.

Chants of "Free Palestine" echoed through the glass canyons of Manhattan.

The youthful and diverse crowd, adorned with Palestinian flags and keffiyehs, filled multiple blocks, their voices carrying the weight of empathy and determination.

The protest, spread across the downtown, emphasized the global nature of the movement, as people of various nationalities and religions united to express their support for Palestinian independence.

The streets of New York, a vibrant cultural crossroads, became a microcosm of the world's collective plea for peace and justice.

Amidst the sea of demonstrators, masks concealed the faces of those concerned for their safety, a testament to their fervour and commitment.

Their voices rang out in unison, accusing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of perpetrating "genocide" and demanding an end to US support for its Middle Eastern ally.

Israel has been using $3 billion in annual military aid from Washington and US-made weapons in its decades-old war on the Palestinians.

Other demonstrations took place across the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the US, with participants condemning Israel's intensified attacks on Gaza and expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people.

However, the protests have not been without controversy.

Police in London warned that individuals displaying flags supporting "proscribed terrorist groups," including Hamas, would face arrest.

Additionally, the headquarters of the BBC in London was defaced with red paint, though the culprits remain unknown.

The conflict has prompted heightened security measures in various countries.

Germany and France have banned pro-Palestinian demonstrations, citing concerns about "public order," while Western nations have increased security around synagogues and Jewish schools due to fears of potential violence.

As the Israel onslaught on Gaza continues, more rallies and gatherings are expected across Europe, with clashes already reported and arrests of pro-Palestine demonstrators in several cities.

Authorities in both France and Germany, two governments that declared "solidarity" with Israel, have attempted to ban Pro-Palestine demonstrations while allowing protests that support Israel.

This situation has widely disrupted businesses and public transport.

The global support for Palestinians reflects a growing sentiment among people worldwide calling for an end to the violence and a resolution to the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict.






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