Egyptian MPs condemn Israeli aggression on Gaza, support Palestinians' right to an independent state

Gamal Essam El-Din , Monday 16 Oct 2023

Many Egyptian MPs took the floor in the House of Representatives on Sunday with statements condemning the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and rejecting the displacement of Palestinians to Sinai, with some calling for expelling the Israeli ambassador to Cairo.

new headquarters for the House of Representatives
New headquarters for the House of Representatives. AFP


The Speaker of Egypt's House of Representatives Hanafy El-Gebaly said in a statement that Israel's aggression on the Gaza Strip is a violation of all international laws and conventions.

"Israel has been launching ferocious attacks against the Palestinian people since 7 October which could escalate the conflict to cover the entire region," read the statement.

El-Gebaly said that the Egyptian parliament has some messages to send to the international community and the outside world about the ongoing conflict in Palestine.

First, "Egypt will spare no effort supporting the Palestinians until they recover their land and establish their independent state," he stated.

Second, "Palestinians have the right of self-determination and it is high time for countries that support the Israeli occupiers and turn a blind eye to their atrocities to reconsider their positions," El-Gebaly added.

Third, "the recent conflict has clearly shown that new generations of Palestinians have chosen the right of resistance and now the international community should move to reach a peaceful and just settlement for the Palestinian case based on a two-state solution and help create an independent Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital," according to El-Gebaly.

Fourth, Israel's policy of imposing a siege on Gaza, stripping its people of relief supplies, and forcing them to evacuate and head southwards goes against international laws, violates humanitarian principles, and exposes the lives of more than one million Palestinians to ultimate danger, El-Gebaly stated.

Fifth, Egypt, as emphasized by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, will not be involved or dragged into the ongoing conflict, he noted.

Rather, "Egypt will use its right to defend its national security in all circumstances as its Eastern borders are a red line that no one should transcend," the statement read.

Nasserist MP Diaaeddin Dawoud sharply attacked what he described as "the double standards of the US and the West in dealing with the Israeli aggression against Gaza."

"When it comes to Ukraine, they condemn what they call Russia's aggression, but when it comes to Palestine, they support the Israeli aggressors," said Dawoud.

Wafdist MP Mohamed Abdel-Alim urged the Egyptian government to expel the Israeli ambassador to Cairo and withdraw the Egyptian ambassador to "the Zionist enemy."

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