Al-Azhar urges Islamic Nations to reconsider reliance on the West and stand firmly behind Palestine

Ahram Online , Wednesday 18 Oct 2023

Al-Azhar, the world’s leading Sunni Islamic institution, called on the Arab and Islamic nations to profoundly reconsider their reliance on the ‘arrogant’ Western European and American powers.

Al-Azhar headquarters in Cairo


In a statement issued on Tuesday, Al-Azhar told the Palestinians that they should be confident that the West, despite all its military power and destructive machinery, is weak and apprehensive when confronting them because he is fighting on a land that is not his and defending outdated ideologies and doctrines.

“The Islamic nation should harness the power, wealth, resources, and assets that Almighty God has bestowed upon it to firmly stand behind Palestine and its oppressed people, who are facing an enemy that has lost its conscience, empathy, and feeling, turning its back on humanity, ethics, and the teachings of the prophets and messengers,” Al-Azhar concluded.

An Israeli airstrike on Al Ali Baptiste Hospital that killed over 600 Palestinians caused a global outcry and sparked protests across the Arab and Muslim world.

After 11 days Israel has killed over 3,000 Palestinians while at least 1,400 Israelis lost their lives since the fighting broke against Hamas on 7 October.

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