3anuta Microfinance Revolutionizes Micro-Enterprise Support in Egypt

Ahram Online , Thursday 19 Oct 2023

In response to the critical economic challenges facing Egypt, "3anuta Microfinance" has unveiled a groundbreaking solution tailored to support small and micro-enterprises across the country.

3anuta Microfinance logo.
3anuta Microfinance logo.


Operating under license number (24) of the year 2023, issued by the esteemed Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA), the platform, spearheaded by "Creditor Financial Technology," marks a significant milestone in the nation's financial technology landscape. The platform brings together a number of shareholders, the most prominent of whom is the prestigious businessman, Yassin Mansour.

Named with a nod to Egypt's rich mercantile history, where credit transactions have long been a cornerstone of commerce, 3anuta represents a transformative fusion of microfinance and advanced technology. Designed to expedite the provision of crucial funds to small stores, the platform seeks to bolster their growth trajectory significantly.

The core focus of "3anuta" is the integration of technology to streamline communication between traders and suppliers, fostering a seamless financial ecosystem that fortifies retail operations. By offering innovative financial solutions that simplify processes and enhance accessibility to funds, 3anuta is poised to stimulate employment opportunities, boost productivity, and foster an environment conducive to sustained innovation within the micro-enterprise sector.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the initiative, Mr. Tamer El-Hady, Chairman of "Creditor Holding," affirmed his support for the platform, emphasizing its potential to empower micro-enterprise owners through the utilization of the "3anuta" electronic application. This digital tool is expected to transform payment methods and broaden the network of suppliers accessible to businesses across Egypt, setting the stage for robust expansion and sustainable growth.

Engineer Amr El-Gendy, the Managing Director of "Creditor Financial Technology," highlighted the versatility of 3anuta as a digital marketplace facilitating seamless trade between merchants and vendors, with a particular focus on the food industry. Notably, the platform offers invoice financing services, complemented by a diverse array of payment options tailored to meet the specific needs of micro-enterprises.

Leading the board of directors at 3anuta is industry veteran Hussein El-Guindy, boasting four decades of expertise in technology, investment, and commercial banking. The board comprises a dynamic team of professionals, including Tamer El-Hady, Amr El-Gendy, Nevine El-Messery, Sherine Hamed El-Sharqawy, Dr. Ahmed Mokhtar, Ismail Yassin Mansour, and Ahmed Nassar, each contributing their wealth of experience and foresight to drive the platform's mission forward.

With its promising approach to bolstering micro-enterprise sustainability, "3anuta Microfinance" is poised to redefine the financial landscape in Egypt, ushering in a new era of growth and technological advancement within the sector.

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