Turkey's Erdogan calls Israel a "terrorist State'

AP , Wednesday 15 Nov 2023

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan increased his criticism of Israel on Wednesday, calling it a “terrorist state” intent on destroying Gaza along with all of its residents.

Turkey s President Tayyip Erdogan
File Photo: Turkey s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses lawmakers at the Turkish Parliament in Ankara, Turkey October 11, 2023. Photo courtesy Turkish Presidental Press Office


In a fiery speech to members of his party, Erdogan also said his country would take steps to ensure that Israel’s political and military leaders are brought to trial in international courts.

“Israel is implementing a strategy of total destruction of a city and its people,” Erdogan said. “I say openly that Israel is a terrorist state.”

According to the Palestinian health ministry, the heavy Israeli bombardments of Gaza since Oct. 7 have killed more than 11,320 people, mostly civilians, including 4,630 children and 3,130 women.

Erdogan also called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to announce whether Israel had nuclear bombs or not and added that the Israeli premier was a “goner” from his post.

The Turkish leader described the Hamas movement as “resistance fighters” trying to protect their lands and people.

Turkey recently normalized relations with Israel but its war on Gaza has again strained their ties. 

Israel recalled its diplomats from Turkey last month after Erdogan accused Israel of committing war crimes. Turkey later also recalled its ambassador from Israel.

* This story was edited by Ahram Online.

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