Egypt braces for showers on north coast, sandy winds nationwide on Sunday, Monday

Ahram Online , Sunday 26 Nov 2023

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) forecasts intermittent light to moderate rainfall along Egypt's northern coasts and northern Delta governorates on Sunday and Monday, with winds set to sweep across the country on Sunday, stirring up dust and sand and causing decreased visibility.

File photo of a sandstorm in Egypt. Ahram


Sunday’s nationwide active winds loaded with dust and sand are expected to continue on Monday, particularly along the northern coasts and in South Sinai, according to a statement by the EMA.

Heavy morning fog is also expected from Tuesday to Friday on agricultural roads, highways, and roads across Egypt.

Moreover, the authority warned that due to high waves, navigational disturbance in the Mediterranean Sea could reach 3-5 meters on Sunday and 3-4 meters on Monday.




The EMA predicts highs of 24-26 Celsius and lows of around 15-17 degrees in Greater Cairo and Nile Delta governorates from Sunday to Friday.

On the North Coast, highs will register 21-25 degrees, and lows will be 14-17 degrees during the same timeframe.

Highs of 25-32 degrees and lows of 18-20 degrees are expected in South Sinai through Friday.

In addition, northern Upper Egypt will see highs of 23-26 degrees and lows of 11-12 degrees, whereas southern Upper Egypt will see highs of 26-31 degrees and lows of 13-15 degrees.

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