Japan’s KUSANONE project improves quality of education in Ezbet El-Haggana

Reham El-Adawi , Thursday 30 Nov 2023

The project provided new kindergarten facilities to Salah El-Din Primary School in the Ezbet El-Haggana area, Cairo, enabling it to accept preschool children and offer an appropriate curriculum for primary education.

Ayman Abdel-Mawgoud
Ayman Abdel-Mawgoud, ambassador Oka Hiroshi, and his wife at Salah El Din Primary School in Ezbet El Haggana


On Monday 27 November, Ayman Abdel-Mawgoud, assistant minister for civil society organizations, Ibrahim Saber, deputy governor of Cairo for the eastern region, and Oka Hiroshi, ambassador of Japan to Egypt inaugurated the successful completion of Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (KUSANONE).

The project provides an access improvement to preschool education and thereby contributes to raising education quality in Ezbet El-Haggana. It is implemented by the Takatof Association for Development, with a grant amount of approximately $74,300.

During the ceremony, Dr. Hossam Badrawi, chairman of the Takatof Association for Development, and other speakers expressed their sincere appreciation for Japan’s fourth assistance to support the preschool children in Ezbet El-Haggana.

Furthermore, Abdel-Mawgoud expressed his great appreciation for the work of the Takatof Association for Development in the field of education to date, revealing his hope for continued cooperation with the association and the Japanese government. He also described the ministry's initiatives in the field of education.

Saber also noted that the past efforts of the association have brought life to the previously under-developed area, expressing his pleasure to work with the Japanese government in this area where the Shinzo Abe road passes through.

Ambassador Hiroshi emphasized the pivotal role of civil society in Egypt's educational development, showing respect for the Egyptian NGOs’ role in listening to the voices of local inhabitants and identifying their actual needs and demands.

He also expressed his willingness to actively continue providing support to Egypt through achieving the KUSANONE programme goal, which is creating a world where no one is left behind and all people live in peace of mind by “promptly” holding out a hand to “every single person” in “every corner.”

This project came within the framework of KUSANONE projects, which provide direct and small-scale financial support to non-profit organizations including non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in local communities.

Japan has extended approximately $10 million in Egypt since 1994, supporting 177 projects throughout Egypt in a wide range of sectors including education, health, water and sanitation, vocational training, women empowerment, and special needs support.


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