Video: In cold blood - Israeli sniper kills Palestinian 8-year-old & teen playing on street in Jenin

Thursday 30 Nov 2023

The Palestinian health ministry said in a statement that Adam Al-Ghul, eight years old, and Bassem Abu Al-Wafa, 15 years old, were killed by bullets from the Israeli snipers in Jenin in the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian 8-year-old and the teenager had been on a side street in an area considered off-limits to the Israeli military. Photo courtesy X (formerly Twitter)


CCTV footage circulating online and on television news shows a boy being struck by a bullet from a long distance and falling in the street, sending other children fleeing.

Other images show a teenager also being hit by a bullet and falling, then appearing to call for help as more shots hit the ground around him and other people run for cover.

The teenager can be seen writhing in agony on the ground for at least half a minute.

An official with the Palestinian Red Crescent told AFP that the boy and the teen had been on a side street of central Jenin's main thoroughfare, an area that is considered off-limits to the Israeli military as it is under the sole control of the Palestinian Authority.

Asked about the deaths by AFP, the Israeli army said it was "verifying" the information.



CCTV of Bassem after being shot by an Israeli sniper in Jenin on Thursday


Nearly 250 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank, by either Israeli soldiers or settlers, since the start of an Israeli intensive crackdown on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank after 7 October. 

Israel has also arrested more than 3,200 Palestinians in relentless raids on various towns in the West Bank.

Also on Wednesday, the Israeli army arrested a 12-year-old boy in the Jalazone refugee camp in the West Bank city of Ramallah, the Palestinian Prisoners' Club advocacy group said.

The boy would become the youngest Palestinian prisoner in Israeli detention, with nearly 200 women and males aged 18 or under released in recent days under an agreement pausing Israel's air and ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Mahmud Ghawanmeh, father of Karim Ghawanmeh, told AFP that via his brother, Israeli soldiers had summoned him to bring in his son.

"I thought I would be with him for his interrogation, but the officer told me to go back home," he added, without specifying the accusations against his son.

The Israeli army declined to comment on the matter.

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