No political goals behind first Russian friendship tournament: Director of organizing committee

Reham El-Adawi , Thursday 30 Nov 2023

The first International Friendship Championship, organized by Russia from 15 to 29 September 2024, is a new tournament for various sports competitions with large financial prizes.

Aleksey Sorokin
Aleksey Sorokin, Director of the organizing committee, speaks at the press conference


Aleksey Sorokin, director of the organizing committee of the first International Friendship Championship, and Anton Lisin, head of its media department, left Cairo on 26 November after they participated in a press conference organized by the Russian embassy in Cairo to announce the first International Friendship Championship. During the press conference, Sorokin discussed the details of the first friendship tournament to be organized by Russia in 2024.

According to Sorokin, the tournament will be organized in the cities of Moscow and Yekaterinburg, and the organizing committee will bear all the costs of travel and accommodation for the participating teams.

Sorokin confirmed that an invitation has been sent to all the world countries, noting that a world ranking and a high standing are among the participation conditions. He also indicated that the tournament is not an alternative to the Olympic Games, stressing that "there is no political purpose behind organizing the tournament. On the contrary, Russia is against the politicization of sports."

Sorokin expressed his hope that the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports would cooperate through the participation of Egyptian sports teams in the first friendship tournament in Russia, especially since sports relations between the two countries are good.

"The visit of the Minister of Youth and Sports Ashraf Sobhy to Russia left a good impression, which gave a strong impetus to the development of relations in the field of sports in light of the strong relations between the two countries and the two presidents Vladimir Putin and Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi," he added.

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