Egyptian composer, songwriter Gamal Salama's piano donated to Cairo Opera House

Ahram Online , Sunday 3 Dec 2023

Sonia Gamal Salama, the daughter of the Egyptian late composer and songwriter Gamal Salama (1945 – 2021), offered her father's piano and handwritten scores to the Cairo Opera House last week.


Khaled Dagher, chairman of the Cairo Opera House, assured that the piano will be well taken care of and will remain on display at the opera, accompanied by a custom-made plate carrying the composer's name. 

The gesture of Salama's daughter came two and a half years after the composer's passing away at the age of 75 due to a COVID-19 infection. 

Born in Alexandria on 5 October 1945, the son of a known composer Hafez Ahmed Salama, Gamal Salama was primarily known for his scores and songs that he composed for films and television series of the 1960-1980s.

Salama studied piano at the Cairo Conservatory before completing his doctorate at the Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

In Egypt, he established a prestigious academic career in addition to taking over a few positions at several national music ensembles and assembles for decades.

Salama composed dozens of soundtracks for some of the most important films, TV series, and theater plays. He also composed a large number of memorized romantic, Islamic, and patriotic songs for numerous known Arab singers, including Sabah, Majida El-Roumi, Samira Said, and many other all-time first-row stars.

His music was featured in films such as Afwah Wa Araneb (Mouths and Rabbits), Habibi Daeman (My Love Forever), Al-Nemr El-Aswad (The Black Tiger), and Laila Baka Fiha El-Qamar (The Night the Moon Cried), while his TV classics include Zeab El-Gabal (Mountain Wolves), Mohamed Rasoul Allah (Mohammed God’s Messenger), and Alf-Leila W Leilah (One Thousand Nights).

Sabah's Saat Saat (Sometimes), Samira Said's Mesh Hatnazel Annak (I Won’t Abandon You) and Ehky Ya Shahrazad (Narrate Shahrazad), Yasmine El-Khayam's Mohamed Ya Rasoul Allah (Mohamed O God’s Messenger) and Wolida El-Huda (Righteousness Was Born), and Shadia's Masr El-Youm Fi Eid (It Is Feast Today in Egypt) are among his well-memorized and unique records.

Gamal Salama died on 7 May 2021 in Cairo. 

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