Egypt increases amounts of subsidized sugar amid shortage

Ahram Online , Thursday 7 Dec 2023

The Egyptian Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade increases the rations of subsidized sugar to families, amid a shortage felt in the market, according to a Cabinet statement on Thursday.

Ministry of Supply building. Cabinet.
Ministry of Supply building. Cabinet.


The supply ministry increased the amounts of sugar distributed to ration cards used by up to three individuals by one kilogram.

The ministry also increased the mounts distributed to cards used by four individuals or more by 2 kilograms.

The Holding Company for Food Industries (HCFI), affiliated with the supply ministry, is tasked with distributing 30,000 tons of unsubsidized sugar and around 65,000 tons of subsidized sugar through 40,000 outlets.

Ahmed Kamal, spokesperson of the Ministry of Supply, announced that up to 10,000 tons of sugar are supplied on a diallyl basis by the HCFI.

It is worth noting that the supply ministry disburses one kilo of subsidized sugar on ration cards for each individual per month, with a maximum limit of six kilograms per card.

Last week, Moselhi urged citizens to not buy sugar for more than EGP 27 per kilogram, promising that the current crisis will be resolved next month.

The alarming increase in sugar prices in recent weeks has caused widespread concern, as vendors and food and beverage companies stockpile their inventory.

According to the Ministry of Supply, Egypt’s annual sugar production stands at 2.8 million tons, while consumption is around 3.2 million tons.

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