Egyptian Centre for Strategic Studies urges citizens to participate in presidential elections

Ahram Online , Saturday 9 Dec 2023

The Egyptian Centre for Strategic Studies (ECSS) said on Saturday that Egyptians stand on the brink of milestone presidential elections that comes amid “clear threats to Egyptian national security, brutal military operations in Gaza, and declared plans aimed at forcibly displacing Palestinians to Sinai.”

Egyptian Centre for Strategic Studies


The centre emphasised that the recent weeks have demonstrated the notable awareness, deep understanding, and utmost eagerness of all Egyptian parties and entities that urged Egyptians to engage to express their free will and aspirations through the ballot boxes and a democratic process that serves as a message to the world.

The election is “an opportune moment to showcase complete popular solidarity democratically at the polling stations,” the ECSS said in its statement.

On Sunday, over 9,000 polling stations nationwide will open their doors at 9am to millions of eligible voters to cast their ballot for one of four candidates to become the country’s next president.

The centre also commended the efforts of all parties under the banner of the Egyptian Parties Alliance (42 parties), involving massive public conferences, coordination efforts of youth from the parties, parliamentary members' calls, statements from the National Dialogue Council members, committee chairs and deputy chairs, and various union activities.

It emphasizes that all these efforts reflect an exceptional awareness of the importance of presidential elections and the necessity for Egyptians with voting rights to participate actively, considering it a right that should not be relinquished.

The ECSS commends the Egyptian Parties Alliance, consisting of 42 parties, for their dedicated efforts.

These include organizing large-scale public conferences, coordinating youth activities, issuing statements from members of the National Dialogue Council, and engaging in various union initiatives.

These endeavours showcase an exceptional awareness of the importance of the presidential elections and the imperative for eligible Egyptians to actively participate, considering it a right that should not be relinquished, the ECSS added.

“It is not surprising that all these national forces rally at this time to demonstrate solidarity and awareness in support of a beloved nation … facing a promising future filled with hope and fully prepared to confront the challenges imposed by its geographical reality and its leading role in its regional and international surroundings,” the statement noted.

The ECSS was founded in Cairo in 2018.

It conducts studies on Egyptian, regional and international issues. It has already launched several initiatives focusing on the Middle East in the past few months.

The centre seeks to provide an objective platform for dialogue and to exchange points of view on multiple challenges.

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