​“Japanese Design Today 100” product design exhibition at TCC is not to be missed

Reham El-Adawi , Tuesday 2 Jan 2024

Butterfly Stool on show at  Japanese Design Today 100  design exhibition
Butterfly Stool on show at Japanese Design Today 100 design exhibition



25 Orabi St, off Port Said, Maadi, Tel 010 19222220

“Journey of Emotions: A Reflection of Life’s Tapestry” exhibition of artworks by Amir Abdel-Ghany (closing 10 January). 



Cairo Opera Complex

Gezira Exhibition Grounds, Zamalek

Salah Taher gallery

Tel 02 2739 0132/0144

The Youth Salon group exhibition (1-30 January). 

Music Library (Ziad Bakir) gallery

“Artistic Vision of Paper Artworks” exhibition of paper paintings by Marian Fawzi (1-7 January).

Exhibition of painting by Kholoud Abdel-Aziz (9-15 January).    




Villa CLEG 118 Diplomatic district, El-Sheikh Zayed, Tel 0101 2705242

“The Circle: A Journey Through Ancient Civilisations” show, by artist Dina Fahmy El-Rouby, invites art enthusiasts and history buffs alike to embark on a mesmerizing journey through time with her solo exhibition. It delves deep into the rich tapestry of humanity’s past, exploring the profound influences of ancient civilizations on both our collective consciousness and the world of art. This time the innovation will be the futuristic approach using AR (Augmented Reality) (13 January- 3 February). 


Gezira Arts Centre

1 Al-Sheikh Al-Marsafi St, Zamalek, Tel 02 2737 3298

The Fifth Jewellery Art Festival 2024 exhibition (3-17 January). 



Italian/Egyptian Centre for Restoration and Antiquities (CIERA)  

31 Al Suyuffeya St, Al Helmeya, Cairo, visitors are welcomed by appointments so contact the manager Mr. Salah Ramadan 0100 8716067

Architectural complex of the Mevlevi Dervish “Samaa Khana, Restorations and Restorers” permanent exhibition of the activities of the working/formation sites for the restoration and recovery of the monuments. Visitors are welcomed during the opening hours determined by the Ministry of Antiquities.



23 Hassan Assem St, Zamalek, 02 2735 3538/ 012 00999448, daily from 11am to 8pm (Except Fridays)

“A Tribute to the Timeless: Hassan El-Shark” exhibition serves as a tribute and peaceful homage to the soul of the late naïve artist, Hassan El-Shark, commemorating one year since his passing and showing timeless artworks (closing 6 January).


Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art

15 Mahmoud Bassiouny St, Downtown, Cairo, Tel 02 2578 4494, open daily from 11am to 8pm except Friday

“Woven Whirls” exhibition by Sabah Naim, who discovers a profound connection between the principles of Sufi movements and her weaving techniques. The intricate process of textile manufacturing inherently involves the interweaving of diverse threads and colours to create a unified form. The rhythmic movements of the body during the act of weaving mirror the fluid motions of Sufi whirling. Through this intersection, she finds a spiritual resonance, where the art of weaving becomes a meditative and transformative journey, much like the Sufi path of inner exploration and enlightenment (14 January-21 February). 




30 Hassan Assem off Brazil St, Zamalek, Tel 02 2736 7544

“The Buffer Zone Rose” exhibition of paintings by Souad Mardam Bey (closing 10 January).


Picasso East

Villa No 39 Al Narges 35th settlement, 90's St, in front of Lake View Compound, New Cairo, Tel 0122 0000035  

“The 24 in 2024” group exhibition of painting and sculpture features artworks by 24 artists including Abdel-Aziz El-Gindy, Ahmed Shiha, Ahmed Osama, Ahmed Romeah, Darin Gad, Effat HosnyEman Osama, Fathy Afifi, Gehan Fayez, George Sameh, Guirguis Lotfy, Ibrahim Ghazala, Rania Abul-Azm, Sameh Ismail, Wael Darwish, and many more

(27 December -17 January). 



Tahrir Cultural Centre (TCC) 

Al-Sheikh Rihan St, off Tahrir Square, Tel 02 2615 2694/01280009077

Margo Veillon Gallery

“Japanese Design Today 100” product design exhibition features approximately 100 outstanding products, mainly in the area of product design, from among the new Japanese design products created since 2000. In addition to designs for daily necessities (Mono), which directly reflect people's lifestyles and tastes, the exhibition will also feature designs for systems and services (Koto), which have been attracting attention in recent years, to show the latest trends and characteristics of Japanese design and introduce the current state of Japanese culture from a new perspective. Cairo is the first venue where this version of the exhibition will be held. 

(closing 9 January). 



Yassin art gallery

159, 26th July St, Behind Diwan Bookstore, Zamalek, Tel 01271170035

“Dear Animal” exhibition of paintings by Yasser Gaessa 

(closing 4 January).

Shooting Star” exhibition of paintings by Yasser Nabieal

(9 January -1 February). 



Zamalek Art gallery

11 Brazil St, Zamalek, Tel 02 2735 1240

“See My Voice” paintings and sculptures by Sam Shendi

(closing 9 January). 




Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Port Said St, Chatby, Alexandria 21526, Tel (03) 4839999 

Archeological Museum

A permanent exhibition on the results of the Archaeological Mission of the University of Turin in Nelson Island.

* A version of this article appears in print in the 4 January, 2024 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly

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