Egypt raises electricity prices by 7-20%

Ahram Online , Zeinab El-Gundy , Wednesday 3 Jan 2024

Egypt’s Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy announced an increase in electricity prices for both residential and commercial use, ranging from seven to 20 percent across various usage categories, according to an official statement on Tuesday.



The new prices will be valid between 1 January and 30 June 2024 before they are reviewed again.

Residential use

The pricing for residential electricity was adjusted as follows:

Up to 50 kilowatt hours (kWh): The price increased from 48 piasters to 58 piasters.
51 to 100 kWh: From 58 piasters to 68 piasters.
0 to 200 kWh: From 77 piasters to 83 piasters.
201 to 350 kWh: From 106 piasters to 125 piasters.
351 to 650 kWh: From 128 piasters to 140 piasters.
650-1,000 kWh: From 128 piasters to 150 piasters.
Exceeding 1000 kWh: From 145 piasters to 165 piasters.

Commercial use

The pricing structure for commercial use was adjusted as follows:

Up to 100 kWh: The price remained unchanged at 65 piasters.
101 to 250 kWh: Prices increased from 120 piasters to 136 piasters.
Up to 250 kWh: The rate climbed from 140 piasters to 150 piasters.
601 to 1000 kWh: There was an escalation from 155 piasters to 165 piasters.
Exceeding 1000 kWh: Prices surged from 160 piasters to 180 piasters.

The increase in residential rates is the first such increase in 18 months.

In August, the government delayed a planned increase, part of a long-standing plan to eliminate electricity subsidies, in order to prioritize social welfare amid economic challenges.

The government delayed plans to increase electricity prices for the first time in June 2022 following the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

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