Not to be missed: Souad Mardam Bey, Nathan Doss solo exhibitions, concerts by Lily Farid, Abu Shaar Brothers

Ahram Online , Wednesday 3 Jan 2024

Ahram Online highlights a selection of do-not-miss events this week (3-9 January 2024) in Cairo.

Not to miss

Souad Mardam Bey - solo exhibition
The exhibition titled: "Rose of No Man's Land" continues until 10 January
Picasso Art Gallery, 30 Hassan Assem St. off Brazil St, Zamalek, Cairo

Described by the critics as mysterious, melancholic, and enchanting, Mardam Bey’s forte lies in her ability to seize those emotions through her unique and highly versatile technique serving her subjects.

Mardam Bey's canvases are adorned with emotion; layers of color and intricate details, yet it is the eyes that leave you captivated and tells you the whole story.

Cairo Art Fair EAST
TAM Gallery, District 5 Marakez, New Cairo

The 9th edition of Cairo Art Fair continues until 24 January 2023.

The exhibition launched in early December at District 5 Marakez, showcasing the largest collection of contemporary Egyptian art to date. Over 130 talented artists grace the occasion, presenting an array of more than 1,500 artworks. 

Between Concept and Enlightenment - exhibition
Exhibition opens on Wednesday 3 January
Zamalek Art Gallery, 11 Brazil Street, Zamalek, Cairo

Between Concept and Enlightenment is a solo exhibition of works by Nathan Doss, who continues to capture his philosophy, intellectual, social, psychological, and political connotations in sculpture.

Born in Mallawy in 1971, Doss obtained his bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Education in 1993. Since his graduation Doss has participated in many exhibitions, both public and private.

Doss has won several awards, including the Rateb Seddik Award, the Small pieces Salon Prize, and the prize of the Fourteenth Youth Salon.

El Hareefa - film
Wednesday 3 January
Across cinemas

Life circumstances push a football lover, Maged, to let go of his luxurious life and transfer from his private school to a public one. Maged, however, is able to earn the respect of his new friends and joins their street football team. Together, they dream of joining El-Hareefa school tournament to win its one million pound prize.

The film stars Bayoumi Fouad, Nour El Nabawy, Ahmed Hossam, Nour Ehab

Esabat Azeema - film
Wednesday 3 January
Across cinemas

Azeema, an intelligent woman in her late fifties loses her sight as a result of an accident. However, she overcomes her blindness with the power of insight. 

The film stars Karim Afifi, Esaad Younis, Mohamed Mahmoud, Rana Raies, and Farrah El-Zahed

El Askandarany (The Alexandrian) - film
Wednesday 3 January
Across cinemas

The story unfolds in Alexandria, where Haj Ali Eskandarany is revered as the city's leader for his benevolence towards the humble and needy. However, a bitter conflict ensues between Haj Ali and his son Bakr, whose aspirations for power and wealth without effort stand in stark contrast to his hardworking cousin, Younis. 

The film stars Bayoumi Fouad, Zeina, Hussein Fahmy, Mahmoud Hafez, Ahmed Al Awady, and Essam Elsaka

Leeh Teasheha L'wahdak - film
Thursday 4 January
Across cinemas

A doctor seeks to stand by his friend who is suffering from cancer, and the duo goes through many difficult situations and experiences.

The film stars Khaled El Sawy, Sherif Mounir, and Salma Abu Deif

Hopeful Christmas - concert
Thursday 4 January, 7.30pm
All Saints’ Cathedral, 5 Michel Lutfallah Street, Zamalek, Cairo

The evening will feature Lily Farid and special guest artists performing known compositions for Christmas and New Year.

Abu Shaar Brothers - concert
Friday 5 January, 7.30pm
El-Sawy Culturewheel, Wisdom hall, 26th of July street, Zamalek, Cairo

Formed in the 1980s, with new generations subsequently entering the ensemble, Abu Shaar Bro (El Ekhwa Abu Shaar), are internationally renowned Syrian performers whose music and lyrics focus on a religious repertoire including songs praising Prophet Muhammad.

The Abu Shaar brothers currently reside in Egypt, where they hold many concerts.

Al-Sira Al-Helaleya - performance
Saturday 6 January, 7pm
Kayan, Sherif Street, Downtown, Cairo

Al-Sira Al-Helaleya is an oral poem, also known as the Hilali epic. In this evening Al-Sira Al-Helaleya will be narrated and sung by the storyteller, Mohamed Kassab, an artist from Upper Egypt.

May Abd El Aziz - concert
Saturday 8 January, 9pm
Room Art Space & Café, New Cairo

The concert is dubbed “Song for Peace,” which is the singer’s life motto. May Abd El Azim believes in spreading peace, love, respect, understanding, and tolerance through heartfelt music and good education.

May writes and composes her own music believing in the power of music to truly reach and touch people, eliminate hate, and spread love and unity.

Fragments of Time - exhibition
Opening Tuesday 9 January
Safarkhan Art Gallery, 8 Brazil Street, Zamalek, Cairo

The exhibition titled Fragments of Time showcases work of Neama El-Sanhoury’s fabric appliqué and collage tapestries. Elements of elaborate collage work are interwoven amongst such spirited textile arrangements, establishing an altogether unacquainted aesthetic, one that is steeped in the nostalgic memories of yesteryear, Egypt’s hallowed fertile ground, and the legacies of its cultural confluence over the ages.

The exhibition opens on Tuesday 9 January at 6pm. The works will remain on display until 30 January.


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