Egypt voices concern over airstrikes in Yemen, warns of expansion of conflict

Ahram Online , Friday 12 Jan 2024

Egypt has expressed its concern over the escalation of military operations in the Red Sea region following the airstrikes carried out by US and British forces in Yemen.

Red Sea
File photo: The British naval ship HMS Diamond fires a missile to shoot down an aerial drone over the Red Sea. Photo courtesy of UK Royal Navy


Egypt urged united international and regional efforts to reduce tension and avoid instability in the region, especially in terms of the navigation in the Red Sea, according to a statement issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday.

The foreign ministry said the “dangerous and accelerating developments" in the southern Red Sea and Yemen are a “clear” indication of Egypt’s previous warnings of potential risks of an expanding conflict in the region due to the ongoing Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip.

Since the start of the Israeli war against Gaza on 7 October, Egypt has called on more than one occasion to end the fighting, warning of the dangers of expanding the conflict into the wider region.

Cairo stressed that a “comprehensive” ceasefire and an end to the ongoing war against Palestinian civilians is "inevitable" to spare the region further instability, conflicts and threats, noted the statement.

Earlier on Thursday, the US and British militaries bombed dozens of sites used by the Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen, in retaliation for Houthis attacks against international vessels – including those from the US, in the Red Sea.

The Houthis attacks were carried out in response to the American endorsement of the Israeli operation against Gaza, which killed over 23,400 in 98 days.

The Houthis group said all American and British interests have become "legitimate targets" following the attack. 

The aggression “will not go unanswered and without punishment,” it added in a statement.

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