Telecom Egypt, ZOI join forces to establish digital corridor

Ahram Online , Monday 15 Jan 2024

Telecom Egypt (TE) has announced a collaboration with Zain Omantel International company (ZOI) to establish a cutting-edge digital corridor that will connect the Mediterranean Sea, the Arabian Sea, and the Arabian Gulf region.

Telecom Egypt, ZOI join forces to forge digital corridor
Telecom Egypt, ZOI join forces to forge digital corridor


According to a statement on Monday, TE unveiled its plans to develop a new digital infrastructure, creating a data transfer route between Asia and Europe.

The digital corridor will span from the coastline of Oman, overlooking the Arabian Sea and the Arabian Gulf, to the Mediterranean Sea coast, utilizing a combination of land and sea pathways fortified by a network of optical fibers.

This project will directly link Saudi Arabia and Egypt through a high-capacity submarine cable in the Red Sea with landing points and optical fibers. The relatively short distances will facilitate integration and enhance data transfer time and flexibility.

Submarine cable operators, content providers, and telecommunications companies seeking efficient connectivity between the Indian Ocean and Europe will find this corridor advantageous, read the statement.

TE's collaboration with ZOI encompasses the development of a new infrastructure across Egypt, connecting the Red and Mediterranean seas to Europe, while integrating with ZOI's existing infrastructure in various regions across the Middle East.

Mohamed Nasr, CEO of TE, hailed this collaboration “as a pivotal moment in international connectivity between Asia and Europe.”

Egypt has demonstrated its commitment to enhancing its submarine internet cable network by allocating over $600 million towards its development, Amr Talaat, minister of communication and information technology, said in October.

The country currently operates 13 submarine cables and has an additional five under construction, further bolstering its broadband capabilities, Talaat added.

In November, TE furthered its efforts to enhance internet flexibility and speed in Egypt and Africa through a partnership with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. The agreement paved the way for the installation and operation of a Managed Root Server within TE's Regional Data Hub.

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