Syrian star Assala Nasri releases 6 songs from her new album 'Leheqt Nafsy'

Ahram Online , Thursday 8 Feb 2024

Syrian artist Assala Nasri has released the second part, 6 new songs, from her new album titled "Leheqt Nafsy" (I Caught Myself).



All six songs were posted on YouTube and music streaming platforms on 5 February. Some of them are trending on YouTube, garnering a significant number of views.

The new compositions include the title song Leheqt Nafsy, the most successful one, which garnered almost half a million views to date, placing it as number 5 on Trending for Music.

This is followed by the song Aaraad El-Gheyab, which though scored more than 360 thousand views established itself as number 4 on Trending for Music.

The four other songs garnered around 210-300 million views each. They are Aysha Hala, Neset, Esheq El-Rooh, and Hadeqat Thalj. Among them, only Esheq El-Rooh is trending on YouTube at number 11.

The six songs are only part of Assala's latest album Leheqt Nafsy, which includes a total of 14 songs.

Most of the previously released songs saw the light in 2023, and they include Medley  Lehqt Nafsy, Fouq, Lama Bentgahel, El-Akhbar El-Helwa, Manga, March - April, and Ragel Mesaly.

On 25 January, Assala released also Sandooq, a highly successful song that takes listeners to its protagonist's past and memories.

Leheqt Nafsy is Assala's 30th album, underscoring the unprecedented creativity of the Syrian star since her first album in 1990. This is topped with countless singles and collaborations.

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