Mixed bag of dry warmth to windy wet weather expected across Egypt next week

Ahram Online , Friday 9 Feb 2024

Egypt is in for diverse weather conditions over the upcoming week with a mélange of dry warmth to windy wet weather, according to the weekly weather forecast of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA).

A general view of the Nile river from above, Cairo. (AP)


Warm weather will persist across Egypt through Monday with highs reaching 25 Celsius degrees in Cairo. However, make sure to dress warmly as a gradual decline in temperatures will follow as per the EMA.

A slim chance of light rain is expected in Matrouh on the northwestern coast on Monday. The rain chances increase by Tuesday and Wednesday, potentially extending to the rest of the North Coast and the Nile Delta governorates.

Be ready also for some windy weather from Tuesday through Thursday, warned the EMA.

Remember, if you are hitting the highways in the northern parts of the country in the early morning on Saturday and Sunday, make sure to drive safely as foggy weather will last for a few hours.

In Cairo and Nile Delta, Monday will see highs of 25 degrees and lows of 15 degrees. As the week progresses, temperatures will gradually drop to 19 degrees for the highs and 11 degrees for the lows by Thursday.

As for the North Coast, where Alexandria weather can be quite unpredictable during the winter season, get ready for warmth. Monday will bring highs of 24 degrees and lows of 14 degrees, but by Thursday, temperatures will decrease to 17 for highs and 11 degrees for lows.

Now is the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful shores of South Sinai. Visiting charming cities like Sharm El-Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba, as temperatures will reach highs of 26 degrees and lows of 17 degrees on Monday.

The warm weather will continue throughout the week.

In northern Upper Egypt, home to Beni Suef and Fayoum, be prepared for some tricky weather. Monday will have highs of 26 degrees, but overnight temperatures will drop as low as 11 degrees. By Thursday, highs of 20 degrees and lows of 6 degrees are expected.

For southern Upper Egypt, which houses the beauty of Luxor and Aswan, Monday will bring highs of 29 degrees and lows of 14 degrees. However, temperatures will cool down to highs of 22 degrees and lows of 10 degrees by Thursday.

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