Meaningful Memories on Board of First Nile Boat with Special Chinese New Year Celebration

Sunday 11 Feb 2024

With traditional prosperity rituals, Nairu restaurant at Four Seasons First Nile boat is set to bring magic and meaning to the Chinese New Year celebration.



On February 9 and for three consecutive nights Nairu, our Pan Asian restaurant, offers a special experience made for guests who look forward to heartfelt dining treats while they welcome the Year of the Dragon with its unique qualities of growth, success, and abundance.

Guests will enjoy the authentic celebratory décor and chef’s showcase of dazzling menu options including the famous Pekin duck, sweet and sour rips, Chang chou mian, noodles, matcha crème brulee and so many more.

Creating meaningful memories during Chinese New Year at Nairu restaurant on Four Seasons First Nile boat sounds like a fantastic opportunity to embrace tradition and celebrate the Year of the Dragon in style!

Here's how you can make the most of this special occasion: Enjoy the heartfelt dining treats prepared by the talented chefs at Nairu. Indulge in a variety of authentic Pan Asian dishes, each carefully crafted to delight your taste buds and evoke the Flavors of the season.

Explore the chef's showcase of dazzling menu options, including must-try dishes like the famous Pekin duck, sweet and sour ribs, Chang chou mian noodles, and matcha crème brulee. These signature dishes are sure to leave a lasting impression and become highlights of your Chinese New Year celebration.

Immerse yourself in the celebratory atmosphere with authentic Chinese New Year decor. Let the vibrant colours and festive decorations transport you to the heart of the celebration, creating a memorable ambiance for your dining experience.

Capture the Moment: Don't forget to capture the special moments of your Chinese New Year celebration at Nairu restaurant. Whether it's a group photo with family and friends or a close-up of your favorite dish, these snapshots will serve as cherished memories for years to come.

By embracing tradition, savouring delicious cuisine, and sharing heartfelt moments with loved ones, your Chinese New Year celebration at Nairu restaurant is sure to be a memorable and meaningful experience.

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