Egypt following up on investigation into death of Mariam Magdy in Switzerland

Ahram Online , Monday 12 Feb 2024

Egypt's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it is “closely” following along with the Egyptian Embassy in Switzerland and the Swiss authorities, on the investigations into the case of the suspicious death of Egyptian national Mariam Magdy.

Egyptian Foreign Ministry
Egyptian Foreign Ministry


Mariam, a 27-year-old Egyptian mother of two, was found dead near a river in Switzerland, as announced in a press release by the police in the Swiss cantons of Schaffhausen and Zurich on Friday, 10 days after she was reported missing.

Swiss media reports indicated that the body of Mariam was found on the banks of the Rhine River near Laufen-Uhwiesen in the canton of Zurich on Friday afternoon.

On Saturday, Magdy's brother posted on his Facebook page news of his sister's death after her body was found in Switzerland 10 days after her disappearance.

According to the Egyptian foreign ministry, the Egyptian Embassy in Bern received a note about the disappearance of Mariam on 31 January.

Circumstances surrounding the woman's death are currently under investigation, according to the Swiss police statement.

Schaffhausen police confirmed that a 32-year-old suspect was apprehended and questioned regarding Mariam's death.

The foreign ministry further extended “its sincere condolences and sympathy to Mariam's family, stressing its commitment to follow up with Swiss investigative authorities to unveil the circumstances of the case and the identity of the perpetrator.”

The police said that third-party negligence cannot be ruled out.

In the past few days, the incident has sparked widespread attention on social media platforms, prompting many to seek comprehensive details about her demise.

Social media posts by her friends and relatives, including Magdy's brother, have suggested that recent disagreements arose between her and her husband regarding the custody of the two daughters – 8-year-old Fatima and 6-year-old Khadija.

Disputes have led to their separation with Mariam filing a lawsuit to acquire custody of the girls.

A court granted her custody and also granted the father visitation rights.


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