GEM earns accreditation as first green museum in Africa and the Middle East

Nevine El-Aref , Monday 19 Feb 2024

The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) was awarded the international EDGE Advance certification for advanced green buildings, making it the first green museum in Africa and the Middle East.



The museum was accredited by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), one of the institutions of the World Bank.

Atef Moftah, the general supervisor of the GEM project, explained that it is one of the most important international certifications for classifying green buildings. It is part of the IFC’s project to support green buildings in Egypt, which was prepared in cooperation with Egypt’s National Centre for Housing and Building Research. 

He pointed out that the museum underwent a comprehensive assessment of its energy efficiency, water, and carbon emissions from the materials used in construction, including an on-site review. 

The museum showcased its energy conservation methods that align with the Egypt Vision 2030 clean energy goals. This includes installing solar panels, lighting, and natural ventilation systems that provide visitors with cooler temperatures in the summer and moderate temperatures in the winter.

Moftah pointed out that achieving this certification requires meeting 20 percent of the minimum green standards. However, he emphasized that the GEM has achieved outstanding performance, attaining a 62 percent energy saving rate, a 34 percent water consumption reduction rate, and a 59 percent carbon emission reduction rate for building materials.

“These percentages achieved by the museum are a clear indication of the efforts made to ensure that the museum becomes an environmentally friendly global museum according to international green building standards,” Moftah said.

The GEM has previously obtained eight ISO certificates in the fields of energy, health, occupational safety, environment, and quality. 

It also received the Green Building Award for the best project in green construction during the "Environment and Development: The Road to COP27 Climate Change Conference" forum organized by the Arab Water Council in Cairo, with the participation of 12 Arab and foreign countries.

Furthermore, it received the gold certificate for green building and sustainability according to the Egyptian Green Pyramid system from the National Centre for Housing and Building Research.

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