11 Sudanese killed, 6 others injured in Aswan car accident

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Wednesday 21 Feb 2024

In a tragic incident on Wednesday, 11 Sudanese nationals lost their lives, with six others sustaining injuries, following a car accident on the El-Alaqqi road in Egypt's Aswan governorate.



Preliminary investigations indicate that the overturned pickup truck, carrying Sudanese nationals and one Egyptian individual, was involved in the accident as they were fleeing, having entered Aswan illegally.

The overturning and subsequent ignition of the pickup truck led to the injury of six individuals and the death of all 11 occupants, who were charred inside the vehicle.

The injured, including one Egyptian national, managed to escape the vehicle before it caught fire.

The injured were transported to the hospital for treatment, and the 11 individuals, all Sudanese nationals, were taken from the accident site to the Aswan Public Morgue and the morgue of Aswan Specialized Hospital for necessary legal procedures and examination by the forensic pathologist.

A staggering 10.7 million people are currently displaced by conflicts in Sudan, with nine million of them displaced within the country, according to new data released by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Of the 10.7 million displaced individuals, 1.7 million have sought refuge in neighbouring countries, with the vast majority (62 per cent) being Sudanese.

Chad hosts the largest share of arrivals at 37 percent, followed by South Sudan at 30 percent and Egypt at 24 percent, while Ethiopia, Libya, and the Central African Republic accommodate the remainder.


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