A practical exercise of power arrogance: Al-Azhar on US veto against ceasefire in Gaza

Ahram Online , Thursday 22 Feb 2024

Egypt’s Al-Azhar denounced on Thursday the US veto killing the Algerian draft resolution in support of a ceasefire in Gaza earlier this week at the United National Security Council, calling it a practical exercise of power arrogance.

Children stand next to a fallen wall bearing a mural painting amid the rubble of a building destroyed in Israeli bombardment in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on February 22, 2024. AFP


“Al-Azhar Al-Sharif denounced the arbitrary use by the American regime of its veto right for the third consecutive time, objecting to the cessation of the savage Zionist aggression on Gaza, coinciding with the approval of a new package of American aid to the Zionist entity, in a scene that demonstrates the involvement of the American regime in supporting the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip,” said Al-Azhar in its statement.

On Tuesday, the United States used its veto power for the third time, blocking the resolution proposed by Algeria on behalf of the Arab Group.

Thirteen members of the Council supported the draft, while the United Kingdom abstained, and the US cast the sole veto against the ceasefire for the third time since October.

Al-Azhar affirmed that the American use of the "veto" to continue the Zionist aggression on Gaza is a practical exercise of power arrogance, domination of the bloodthirsty tendency, and obstruction of efforts to save innocent Palestinians.

It called for reconsidering the mechanism for approving the veto right in the Security Council and establishing modern humanitarian standards and criteria to regulate its use in endorsing peace among nations.

The world's most influential Sunni institution urged the world to intervene to stop the rivers of blood in Palestine, put an end to this savage aggression, and halt the massacres and daily crimes.

Al-Azhar also emphasized that the Security Council's failure to issue a resolution to stop the Zionist aggression on Gaza after more than four months and the loss of nearly 30,000 martyrs, most of whom are children and women, is a disgrace on the forehead of the international community.

“This failure reflects the world's helplessness and weakness in front of the arrogance of one state that does not respect the decisions of other participating countries in the resolution,” said Al-Azhar, adding that what is happening in Gaza is a humanitarian tragedy by all measures, threatening the return of the 21st-century civilization to eras of slavery and barbarism.

Al-Azhar called for setting specific standards and applying them fairly to preserve the lives of innocent souls who have committed no crime other than being born in the Middle East, especially in the wounded land of Palestine.

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