Madrid against deploying EU troops to Ukraine: Spain gov spox

AFP , Tuesday 27 Feb 2024

Spain on Tuesday said it was against any deployment of European troops in Ukraine after France's Emmanuel Macron refused to rule out sending Western soldiers.

Spanish Gov Spox
Spanish government spokeswoman Pilar Alegria said unity was Europe s most effective weapon against Russia s Vladimir Putin. AFP


"As to whether we are in favour of deploying European troops to Ukraine, we've already made our position clear and we do not agree," said government spokeswoman Pilar Alegria.

"We must concentrate on the most urgent thing, which is to speed up the delivery of (military) equipment" to Kyiv, she said, saying "unity" was Europe's "most effective weapon" against Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Macron triggered a shockwave late on Monday by refusing to rule out the dispatch of Western ground troops to Ukraine in its war against Russia.

"There is no consensus today to send ground troops... but nothing should be excluded. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that Russia cannot win this war," he said.

Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also rejected the idea of European or NATO countries sending troops to Ukraine.

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