Bulgaria, Egypt strengthen partnership for enhanced cooperation

Amr Yehia , Sunday 3 Mar 2024

Deyan Katratchev, the Bulgarian ambassador in Cairo, emphasized the flourishing partnership between Bulgaria and Egypt, underlining their commitment to elevating their cooperation to even greater heights.



Katratchev made these remarks during a reception hosted by the Bulgarian embassy in Cairo, Sunday, to celebrate Bulgaria’s National Day, commemorating the 146th anniversary of the country's liberation from Ottoman rule.

He highlighted the recent visit to Egypt by a high-level Bulgarian delegation comprising six ministers, which signaled the initiation of a new Joint Commission for Cooperation, overseen by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

During the visit, ministers from Egypt and Bulgaria signed three agreements on critical sectors. This fruitful exchange paved the way for President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi's imminent visit to Sofia following an invitation from Bulgarian President Rumen Radev.

Katratchev highlighted Bulgaria's appreciation for Egypt as its largest trade partner in the region, noting the robust recovery in trade volumes, reaching $1.1 billion in 2023.

Bulgaria's role as a producer of high-quality wheat significantly contributes to Egypt's food security. Through initiatives such as the "Solidarity lanes," Bulgaria supports Egypt by facilitating food exports from Ukraine.

Moreover, Bulgaria collaborates with allies to secure alternative Black Sea corridors, ensuring the continuity of food exports and supplies at reasonable prices.

Katratchev also emphasized Bulgaria's interest in utilizing existing infrastructure to import and transit LNG from Egypt as an emerging reliable gas supplier to Europe.

He highlighted promising areas for cooperation in investments, industrial, and technological sectors between the two countries, stressing that Bulgarian expertise contributes to strategic projects in Egypt.

Furthermore, the two countries boast excellent opportunities for collaboration in tourism. In the field of science, academies in Egypt and Bulgaria work on several joint projects, especially in the areas of microbiology and astronomy.

Notably, Bulgaria's archaeological mission in Egypt has yielded compelling results, which were showcased in acclaimed documentaries such as "The King and the Sun."

Katratchev recalled Egypt's pivotal role as Bulgaria's first Arab diplomatic partner in 1926. He noted that the upcoming centenary of bilateral ties in 2026 underscores the enduring significance of this relationship.

On a different note, Katratchev highlighted Bulgaria's journey to democracy, its proud membership in the EU and NATO, and its commitment to defending democratic values. As Bulgaria celebrates 20 years since joining NATO, it remains dedicated to fostering security, prosperity, and European integration in collaboration with partners such as Egypt.

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