Intel offshoots FPGA business Altera, introducing the world newly designed chips

Ahram Online , Wednesday 27 Mar 2024

The four different Agilex chips tailored for different market needs, infused with AI


Almost a decade after acquiring the semiconductors manufacturing company, Altera, the world’s foremost tech hub, Intel, announced late February launching the field-programmable gate array (FPGA) business as a standalone business to lead the way in manufacturing and selling reconfigurable chips for various commercial systems. 

The company will be focusing on selling all sorts of chips for businesses that differ between cloud, industrial, mobile devices, and automotive markets.

FPGA lands in the market unleashing new technologies that offer companies a newly launched creative services of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is built into fabric.

Sandra Rivera, the executive vice president of Intel Corporation and chief executive officer of the Programmable Solutions Group (PSG), said in the launching webcast that Altera starts offering market four new chips that can be used in different industries. Each of the four chips, Agilex 3, Agilex 5, Agilex 7, and Agilex 9, comes with different specifics that are tailored to the needs of the market.

Rivera explained that the Agilex 9 comes with the fastest data converters, making it the most suitable for shipping in productions. It has been also developed for radar and military aerospace use cases. “Agilex 9 is the highest end in our product portfolio. It provides the best class leadership performance,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Agilex 7, currently in the phase of production, is the optimum solution for data centers. Rivera elaborated that this generation provides two times performance advantages for its users. With its F Series and I Series, the Agilex 7 has over 300 designs that are ready for deployment, generating huge interest from customers.

The Agilex 5 comes bombing the newest FPGA technologies, as the “only FPGA fabric infused with AI,” as It features  1.6 times better performance per watt versus competing products. It targets edge-centric applications that need more processing power and greater diversity of data handling.

When it comes to cost-friendly aspect, Intel revealed designing the Agilex 3 family, which is being offered with a lower cost, and a lower power consumption. The Agilex 3 family is dedicated more to mobile devices.

Altera comes offering the world the same software with different applications that unleash a set of capabilities.

Intel wraps up the introduction of Altera, describing it as the “only company left in the world that is a stand-alone FPGA company that is focused from top to bottom on FPGA capabilities, innovation, and deployment. 


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