Lebanese artists in London - 'Don't Stop Drawing: Visual diaries of solidarity with Gaza'

Ahram Online , Wednesday 27 Mar 2024

The London-based art gallery, P21, is holding an exhibition titled "Don’t Stop Drawing - Visual diaries of solidarity with Gaza," featuring works by two Lebanese artists.

Top row: works by Mazen Kerbaj. Bottom row: works by Jana Traboulsi. (Photos: Instagram accounts of the artists)

Curated by Mona El-Hallak and Mayssa Jallad, the artworks expose Israel’s injustice towards Palestinians through powerful and evocative imagery.

Hallak and Jallad's work, as stated on P21's website, conveys a hidden dialogue between two people who have experienced the wars in Lebanon and now observe, through their phone screens, the continuous violence against Palestinians.

The two Lebanese artists presenting their work -- Berlin-based Mazen Kerbaj and Beirut-based Jana Traboulsi -- started drawing and sharing their artwork on Instagram in response to the ongoing war on Gaza. 

"Our feelings of rage, pain, shock, and despair at the atrocities Israel has and is committing in Palestine and Gaza will be on view in London," Traboulsi wrote on her Instagram page.

Since Israel's current war on Gaza that began on 7 October 2023, both artists used their social media to express their thoughts through art.

Their black and white designs, as well as some coloured poster works by Traboulsi, do not spare anyone.

They address the Israeli aggressors and those complicit in the attacks (whether those who support Israel openly or those who close their eyes on the atrocities).

They document the growing numbers of Palestinian victims -- mostly women and children.

Both artists capture the reality and people's thoughts on events; they also give voice to the silenced, highlighting the ongoing Israeli genocide of Palestinians.

Their works have found widespread interest by social media users.

The exhibition is a part of the Lebanon Week conference at the Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP), which is titled "The Politics of Decolonial Investigations and the Ethics of Solidarity".

Since the start of the Israeli aggression against Gaza on 7 October, P21 has showcased several works by artists in solidarity with the Palestinian cause. 

The gallery's objective is to promote and exhibit a variety of artistic and cultural projects from Arab communities in the UK and Europe.

The exhibition began on 19 March and was scheduled to run until 29 March. It was then extended to 2 April.

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