Sharm El-Sheikh Museum hosts special exhibition celebrating Coptic Annunciation

Nevine El-Aref , Friday 29 Mar 2024

Sharm El-Sheikh Museum is currently showcasing a captivating temporary exhibition entitled "The Annunciation and the Virgin," aligning with the upcoming commemoration of the Coptic Annunciation.



Miriam Edward, General Supervisor of the museum, provided insights into the exhibition, highlighting its focal point: a triptych featuring three thematically linked icons – the Annunciation icon, the icon of St. John, and the icon of St. Matthew.

These revered icons not only depict significant biblical narratives but also underscore the vital role of icons in documenting such events.

“Icons serve as a form of literacy for the illiterate, conveying stories through deciphering symbols and colours,” she said.

In conjunction with the exhibition's opening, a stimulating cultural seminar was conducted. This seminar delved into the artistry of icons, and their historical significance, and provided a comprehensive explanation of the icons showcased in the temporary exhibition. Furthermore, it facilitated discussions on restoration methodologies and emphasized the imperative of preserving these invaluable cultural artefacts.

The temporary exhibition is housed in the prestigious Hall of Civilizations, adjacent to the Byzantine Corner.

Visitors can immerse themselves in this enriching experience for the next two months until the exhibition's conclusion at the end of May 2024.

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