Egyptian-American comedian Ramy Youssef to make his debut as SNL host

Menna Osama, Saturday 30 Mar 2024

Egyptian-American stand-up comedian, actor, and writer Ramy Youssef will host Saturday Night Live (SNL) for the first time on 30 March.

Ramy Youssef


The well-known Arab-American stand-up comedian will appear with musical guest Travis Scott.

Ramy gained widespread popularity in the US and the Arab World with his depiction of the trials and tribulations of Ramy, a twenty-something, culturally-torn, first-generation Arab-American Muslim man in the post-9/11 USA on his satirical television series Ramy, which has aired on Hulu since 2019.

SNL released a teaser about the episode on its YouTube channel on Wednesday.

A set-up :)

"I'm Ramy Youssef, and I'm honoured to be the first-ever Arab host of Saturday Night Live," Youssef opens the announcement in the teaser.

Cast member Kenan Thompson interjects, saying: "You're actually not the first Arab to host."

Ramy attempts another take of the intro saying: "I'm thrilled to be the first-ever Egyptian host of Saturday Night Live."

Again, Thompson reminds him that this information is incorrect.

Youssef says: "I am thrilled to be the first-ever Egyptian host named Ramy to host…”

Thomson interrupted him again, correcting him on his mistake by reminding him that the Egyptian-American actor Rami Malek, hosted the programme (in October 2021).

"Whatever, man. Whatever... Who cares... It doesn't matter who's first. It just matters that there's room for all of us, right? That's what diversity is. Let's just do it from the heart," the comedian concludes.

"I'm just thrilled to be hosting Saturday Night Live... as the first-ever Egyptian named Ramy from New Jersey."

Born in the USA!

Ramy Youssef was born in New York City in 1991 to Egyptian parents and raised in Rutherford New Jersey.

He wrote and co-produced his semi-biographical series Ramy for which he received several awards and nominations.

Ramy made his film debut last year in the Oscar-awarded movie Poor Things. 

This year, Youssef returned to the stage with his second HBO comedy special More Feelings, to offer his unique reflections on our divided world, the unexpected perils of charitable giving, and more.

Feelings was first released in 2019.

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