Cuban artists celebrate Palestinian Land Day with a new mural

Ahram Online , Monday 1 Apr 2024

Expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine, Cuban plastic artists and cartoonists painted a mural in Havana on Saturday.



Celebrating Palestinian Land Day, the artists used a wall of a Secondary School in El Vedado, Havana's neighbourhood.

Social media users documented the painting process, showing a group of artists during work. A large crowd joined them, adding their red and green handprints on one segment of the wall.

"The collective work expresses the solidarity of this Caribbean island with the people of that Middle Eastern nation, in resistance to the aggression of the Zionist State," wrote Cuban Press.

Support actions extended to a meeting between representatives of Cuban political and mass organizations, the Palestinian Ambassador in Havana Akram Samhan and local students at the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples.

Palestinian Land Day, or Yom Al-Ard, was established on 30 March 1976 as an annual commemoration of Arab protests against Israeli plans to seize land owned by Arab citizens in the northern Galilee region. On that day, the Israeli police fired at demonstrators, leaving more than 100 Arab-Palestinians injured and six dead.

Cuba is one of the most outspoken countries against the Israeli war on Gaza.

Since the beginning of the war on 7 October 2023, Havana, the capital, as well as other Cuban countries witnessed numerous demonstrations with protesters condemning the ongoing Israeli genocide in the Gaza Strip.

One of the recent protests took place on 3 March as part of the international pro-Palestinian demonstrations across a number of countries and saw the participation of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel. 

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