Israeli aggressions are attempts to drag region into violence: Former Egyptian diplomat

Ahram Online , Sunday 14 Apr 2024

Former Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Hegazy said on Sunday that the Israeli aggressions in Syria and Lebanon, including the attack on the Iranian Consulate in Damascus, was an attempt from the Israeli government to drag the region into more violence.

Embassy attack
Emergency and security personnel gather at the site of strikes that hit a building adjacent to the Iranian embassy in Syria s capital Damascus. AFP


In statements to Egypt's Middle East News Agency (MENA), Hegazy said that the Israeli government seeks to remain in power even if it endangers its interests and security as well as the region's, highlighting the repercussions of a confrontation with Iran regionally and internationally.

On Saturday, Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) launched an unprecedented direct drone and missile attack on Israel.

Iran labelled the attack as an act of self-defence - under Article 51 of the UN Charter protecting countries' rights to legitimate defence - after Israel struck the Iranian consulate in Damascus on 1 April, killing top Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commanders.

Hegazy said the government of Benjamin Netanyahu strives to stay in power by dragging the Mideast region into confrontations, especially after Egypt, regional powers, and the US rejected an Israeli plan to carry out a military attack on the Palestinian city of Rafah.

The Israeli army failed to achieve the objectives it set since the outbreak of the war, including the ability to eliminate Hamas and bring back the captives, he added.

"Israel is aware that the release of prisoners requires a ceasefire and the flow of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip," Hegazy stressed.

The Israeli government and its prime minister considered that widening the violence and the continuation of war for months would enable it to remain in power, Hegazy noted.

He pointed out that these regional developments came ahead of a new round of negotiations in Cairo, expressing his appreciation for Egypt’s stance and its call for maximum self-control to prevent further instability and tension in the region.

Hegazy said that Iran does not seek an open confrontation with Israel, nor does the US, which realises that the process of dragging Iran into a regional confrontation is a danger that threatens its interests and will lead to a large-scale conflict in the Middle East.

He highlighted the importance of the Middle East region for the interests of the US, major powers, and Europe, warning that the current situation has become clear evidence of the dangers of the continuation of the war in the Gaza Strip to international peace and security.

On Saturday night, Egypt expressed its deep concern over the recent signs of escalation between Iran and Israel amid the attacks, urging all parties involved to exercise utmost restraint.

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