Egypt and Russia celebrate history of religious relations with two exhibitions

Reham El-Adawi , Sunday 21 Apr 2024

The Grand Mufti of Egypt Shawki Allam, the Mufti of Moscow Region and Vice-President of the Religious Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation Roshan Abyasov, and Russian Ambassador to Egypt Georgy Borisenko inaugurated a significant exhibition titled "Russia-Egypt: Spiritual Relations Through the Ages" on Thursday.

Grand Mufti of Egypt Shawki Allam, Mufti of Moscow Region Roshan Abyasov, ambassadors of Azerbaijan,Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan at the exhibition


Held at the Dar Al-Ifta (the Egyptian Fatwa House), the exhibition aims to strengthen cultural exchange and highlight the longstanding Islamic traditions shared by both Russia and Egypt.

The exhibition will be open to the public until Monday.

During the inauguration, the grand mufti of Egypt and his Russian counterpart agreed that such events contribute to building bridges of communication between the two nations.

The event was attended by the ambassadors from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, as well as diplomats from the Tajikistan embassy, Marat Gatin, the director of Russian Cultural Centres in Egypt, and the Secretary-General of the Egyptian-Russian Friendship Association.

Following the inauguration, the grand mufti, accompanied by the ambassadors, toured the exhibition showcasing traditional Russian handicrafts that depict the rich cultural, historical, and religious ties between the two nations.


Part of Russia - Egypt, Spiritual Relations Through the Ages exhibition (photo credit of the Russian Cultural Centre)​


In his speech, the grand mufti stressed that Egyptian-Russian relations span many decades.

Allam expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Russia in organizing conferences and various competitions to consolidate the foundations of Islam.

He pointed out that Russia has joined the General Secretariat of the fatwa bodies in the world, which includes 80 countries, through which coordination and cooperation are carried out between the fatwa departments in the countries of the world.

Russia's Mufti, Abyasov thanked the Egyptian grand mufti and Dar Al-Ifta for hosting the first-ever exhibition on the traditions of Islam in Russia, stressing that this is a great honour for his organization to participate.

Abyasov elaborated on the long history of Islam in Russia, dating back over a thousand years, with the first mosque built in Derbent in 734 AD.

"Through this exhibition," Abyasov stated, "we are keen to present an accurate picture of Islam in Russia."

Abyasov further extended his appreciation to the Egyptian government and people for welcoming young Russian Muslims to study at the esteemed Al-Azhar University.

He expressed enthusiasm for continued collaboration between the two countries.

Addressing the attendees, Gatin expressed his satisfaction at organizing the first Russian exhibition inside the Egyptian Fatwa House, "which will undoubtedly contribute to building bridges of communication between the two peoples."


Russian handicrafts on display at the exhibition (Photo credit of the Russian Cultural Centre)


In parallel, a photography exhibition was opened at the Russian Cultural Centre in Dokki, entitled "Traditions of Islam in Russia" displaying live images of the diverse activities of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Russia.

Among them was a famous photo showing President Vladimir Putin during his visit to the Friday Mosque in the historic city of Derbent in Dagestan, which is the oldest mosque in Russia.

The photography exhibition will be on display until 30 April.

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