Mohamed Ali royal family's silver bed safe and sound at Manial Museum: Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities

Nevine El-Aref , Saturday 20 Apr 2024

The silver bed of Amina Hanem Elhamy, the mother of Khedive Abbas Helmy II is safe and sound at the Manial Palace Museum and was not disappeared as rumoured on social media earlier Saturday, Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities announced.

Amina Hanem s silver bed
File Photo: The Amina Hanem s silver bed at its original location in the winter hall in January 2023 at Mohamed Ali Manial Palace. Photo courtesy of Zeinab El-Gundy.


“The silver bed of Amina Hanem Elhamy is under restoration at the Manial Palace’s laboratory and has not disappeared as published on social media,” asserted Moamen Othman, head of the Museums Sector at the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

He explained that the bed was removed from its usual displaying location at the museum a year ago for restoration as it will be exhibited in a special hall dedicated to Amina Hanem Elhamy’s collection.

This decision was taken by the committee responsible for the development of the Manial Palace Museum’s exhibits.

According to the plan a special museum for the Manial Palace will be established inside the palace showcasing several distinguished artefacts from its collection.

Amal Seddiq, general director of the Manial Palace Museum, said the bed is made of silver and was displayed in the Winter Hall of the Throne Building at the palace.

It is made of pure silver, weighing around 850 kilograms, and is a priceless masterpiece distinguished by its beauty and intricate decorations.

The Manial Palace Museum consists of several museums that originally represented the estate of Prince Mohamed Ali Tawfik of the Mohamed Ali Royal Family in Al-Manial Island.

Established by Prince Mohamed Ali Tawfik between 1900-1929, the estate in addition to vast gardens includes several buildings including the residence building, the hunting building, the throne building and the reception buildings inspired by various Islamic architectural styles. The museum also hosts exhibits of the valuable items collected by Prince Mohamed Ali Tawfik in his travels as well as other members of the royal family that ruled Egypt from 1804 till 1953.

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