National Council for Childhood files a complaint against a Cairo German School for teaching homosexuality

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Zeinab El-Gundy , Monday 22 Apr 2024

Egypt’s National Council for Motherhood and Childhood filed on Sunday an official complaint against a German school in Cairo for teaching homosexuality to elementary students.

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The National Council for Motherhood and Childhood filed a complaint at the office of Public Prosecutor Mohamed Shawky accusing Rahn Schulen Kairo (Rahn School Cairo) in New Cairo of teaching homosexuality to sixth-grade elementary students.

This is not the first time someone has filed a complaint against the school for the same reason.

Last week, investigation authorities decided to refer another complaint accusing the German School of teaching homosexuality to elementary students to the New Cairo Prosecution for further investigation.

They also summoned the school officials and the complainants to hear their statements.

Lawyer Ashraf Nagy, who represents one of the students’ parents, filed a complaint against the school officials, accusing them of teaching homosexuality as part of the curriculum for sixth-grade elementary students.

According to Nagy, the complaint he filed includes allegedly unsuitable study materials that contain ideas promoting immorality and homosexuality.

The materials, he added, also suggest that young men and women should be free to choose their partners even if they were of the same sex without recourse to religious values and social and ethical mores.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Education announced that the Minister of Education Reda Hegazy issued instructions to form a committee of international education experts and ministry officials to investigate the allegations made against the school on social media and take immediate legal action if necessary.

The Education Ministry issued a statement emphasizing that the ministry completely and utterly rejects any attempts by any school on Egyptian soil to promote or teach study materials that contradict the innate nature of human instincts, divine revelation, societal values, or ethics.

The ministry also stressed that one of its top priorities is to make every effort to bring up decent individuals strengthened by the belief in its crucial role in shaping future generations, thus contributing to creating a safe, virtuous, and secure society.

According to local news reports, the material in question is a lesson on sexual orientation in a biology book in German.

“We would like to await the outcome of the education ministry’s committee so as not to comment on an ongoing review.” Birgit Lindermayr, a press secretary at the school, told Ahram Online via a message.

She added that the school will release a statement once the review has been finalized.

While consensual homosexual acts are not explicitly criminalized under Egyptian law, people accused of homosexuality have been convicted on charges such as debauchery, prostitution, and offending public morality.

The Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church and Al-Azhar have historically opposed same-sex (homosexual) relations.

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