Final countdown to 10th Alexandria Short Film Festival

Menna Osama, Monday 22 Apr 2024

The 10th edition of the Alexandria Short Film Festival (ASFF) will run from 25 to 30 April in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria.

10th Alexandria Short Film Festival 10th


The numerous films to be screened in the competitive segments, as revealed by the festival organizers, include the following.

The line-up of the International Fiction Film Competition boasts 17 five- to 25-minute films, representing Egypt, Lebanon, Belgium, the UK, Hungary, Iceland, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea, among others, showing talents from several continents. 

The Documentary Film Competition includes 7 titles: Budapest Silo (Hungary), Ikinji’s Stories (Egypt), Archimedes (Russia), and The Medallion (UK, Ethiopia), among others.

Animation films in the competition include Dragon Gate (China), Ethel (Switzerland), A Long Night (Egypt), and Misufy (Estonia).

Entries from European countries dominate the 12-film line-up of the Animation Film Competition, topped with titles from Egypt, China, and Canada.

Moreover, the Arab Film Competition includes nine titles: To Rima (Egypt), Can You Keep a Secret? (Egypt), Fiasco Run (Saudi Arabia), So Cool (Lebanon), The Moped and The Goldfinch (Algeria), Heart Attack (Syria), Small Room (Iraq), A Beautiful Excuse For A Deadly Sin (Bahrain), and Our Male and Female (Jordan).

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Student Film Competition, shedding light on young, up-and-coming filmmakers, will screen The Sun Won’t Shine, Braino, Eighteen Twenty-Five, This Day, No Place is Home, Raised by Women, and Private Number.

These are works by students from educational institutions such as the High Cinema Institute in Cairo, the High Cinema Institute in Alexandria, Pharos University, German University in Cairo, MSA University, and Cairo University.

This 10th edition will honour actor Sayed Ragab, director and cinematographer Islam Kamal, director and screenwriter Hala Galal, and art director Ahmed Orabi.

ASFF will also offer several workshops and seminars actively integrating established filmmakers and young cinema lovers.

The festival will offer a free workshop on short filmmaking for children, with five trainers, under the supervision of actress Hagar El-Badry.

The Alexandria Short Film Festival is a grassroots youth initiative founded in 2015 by the festival’s president Mohamed Mahmoud, director Mohamed Saadoun, and artistic director Mony Mahmoud.

The Arts’ Circle (Dayret Al-Fann) Association organizes this annual event.

The festival's main awards include the Golden and Silver Hypatia, named after the Greek philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician who lived in Alexandria.

Hypatia takes centre stage in the poster, designed by Kyrellos Maximos, of this 10th edition.

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