Useful technical training

Reem Leila , Tuesday 23 Apr 2024

Technical school students are monetising their education, reports Reem Leila

Useful technical training


The Ministry of Education will start to enhance technical training for students, enabling technical schools to sell their products and services to their community at competitive prices.

Ministry of Education and Technical Education Spokesman Shadi Zalata said 130 agricultural secondary schools out of 256 located in 20 governorates are implementing the ministry’s project by providing various products, including food industries, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, field crops, ornamental plants, fish, meat, fresh milk, poultry, honeybee products, and manufactured furniture. The schools contribute to increasing the quantities of agricultural products displayed to the public at their outlets, offering prices that compete with the local market, Zalata said.

He noted that around 400 out of 1,300 industrial schools nationwide are participating in the plan, offering a range of maintenance services and products marketed to the community at competitive prices, including furniture carpentry, bedrooms, dining rooms, chairs, and furniture pieces. This is in addition to producing ready-made clothes such as school uniforms for private and public schools, as well as uniforms, flags, badges, and scarves worn in military and sports education schools.

Industrial schools, according to Zalata, also produce metal products such as metal umbrellas for experimental and private schools, metal stands, and shelves, fences for electrical booths, folded sheet metal doors, and chairs for students of primary, preparatory and secondary school. Decorative specialisations include wood, glass, and pottery in various sizes, in addition to various prints, advertisements, painting works, and decorating school fences.

“The goal is to equip students with the necessary skills for the job market to prepare them for successful careers in the local, regional, and international job markets,” Minister of Education Reda Hegazi said.

According to Hegazi, these “productive activities” aim to underscore the role of technical schools in serving their community, improving the community’s perception of graduates of technical education schools, increasing student interest in technical education, and enhancing student training to improve the competitiveness and employability of technical education graduates. They provide students with opportunities to increase their income, prepare students for future entrepreneurial roles through the study of entrepreneurship and innovation, and offer high-quality products and services at competitive prices compared to similar offerings in the market. The initiative also seeks to increase the income of teachers and staff involved in project activities, as the ministry provides them with extra incentives, the minister added.

Schools located in coastal governorates — the Red Sea, Damietta, Alexandria, and Port Said — are specialised in marine fields such as fishing.

Twenty hotelier schools out of 107 are participating in the project. Their students are engaged in the operation of nine hotels which comprise 345 hotel rooms. Students are involved in managing hotel halls, kitchens, restaurants and cafeterias, in addition to meetings and events, added Zalata.

* A version of this article appears in print in the 25 April, 2024 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly

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