WE tops nPerf's ranking for Egypt's best mobile internet performance in 2023-2024

Ahram Online , Saturday 27 Apr 2024

Telecom Egypt (WE), the country's largest telecom operator, was ranked first for best mobile internet performance in Egypt in 2023-2024 by French company nPerf, which is dedicated to assisting Internet users in assessing the quality of their connections.

Mobile internet users in Egypt reached 77.93 million in December 2023. Reuters


The French company tests mobile service providers using five key performance indicators: download speed, upload speed, latency, web browsing, and YouTube streaming.

In its recently published barometer, covering the period from April 2023 to March 2024, nPerf ranked the state-controlled WE at the top with 35,003 points, followed by Etisalat Mobile with 26,011 points.

Vodafone Mobile, the country's largest mobile operator, came third with 24,985 points, while Orange Mobile, the country's second-largest mobile operator, came in fourth place with 15,597 points.

Moreover, nPerf said WE stand out with “stellar” performances across the four categories, boasting the highest average download speed at 14 Mb/s and the highest average upload speed at 4 Mb/s.

WE also recorded the lowest latency rate of 114 ms. Additionally, WE achieved a browsing score of 38 percent and the highest streaming quality of 76 percent.

nPref’s report said Etisalat Mobile presents itself as “a strong contender” with a robust average download speed of 9 Mb/s and an upload speed of 4.1 Mb/s.

Vodafone Mobile recorded an average download speed of 9 Mb/s and upload speed of 4 Mb/s, close to Etisalat. Orange Mobile came in fourth place with a download speed of 7 Mb/s and an upload speed of 3 Mb/s.

Etisalat Mobile showed a lower latency rate of 133 ms. Vodafone Mobile showed a higher latency of 152 ms, while Orange Mobile showed a much higher latency of 286 ms as per nPref’s ranking.

As for web browsing score, Vodafone Mobile came second with a score of 32 percent, followed by Etisalat Mobile with 31 percent and then Orange Mobile with 27 percent.

Regarding streaming quality, Etisalat Mobile ranked second place with a score of 68 percent, followed by Vodafone Mobile with 66 percent and then Orange Mobile with 62 percent.

WE tops nPerf's ranking for best mobile internet performance in Egypt in 2023-2024 with overall points of 35,003

nPref’s report said WE’ demonstrated its dominance, but added that Etisalat and Vodafone provide competitive services.

It noted that Orange is a “significant” player, but needs significant enhancements to compete effectively, according to the report.

According to Ministry of Communications and Information Technology's quarterly report issued in March, Egyptian mobile internet users – including voice and data subscriptions and data-only subscriptions – increased by six million from 71.74 million in December 2022 to 77.93 million subscriptions in December 2023, representing an 8.6 per cent increase.

In recent years, Egypt has experienced a significant rise in mobile internet usage, a trend experts attributed at the time to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent implementation of social distancing measures.   

Between 2019 and 2022, the country saw a staggering 77.9 percent increase in mobile internet subscriptions, surging from 39 million to 69.4 million.

In February 2024, Egypt’s domestic population reached 106 million, according to official statistics. Unofficial estimates put the current population census at 111 million.


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