Eight para athletic feats

Abeer Anwar , Tuesday 30 Apr 2024

Egypt’s para athletics took eight medals at the Marrakech International Championship, reports Abeer Anwar

Marrakech International Championship


At the para athletics Marrakech International Championship held in Morocco from 21 April - 29 April, Egypt won two gold, four silver and two bronze. Mohamed Kamal secured the gold in the discus while Gomaa Mohamed won the bronze.

Teammate Abdel-Rahman Mohamed clinched the silver medal in the long jump, and Karim Abdel-Tawab earned a silver in the 200m, along with Mustafa Fathallah, who won a silver in the same event.

Abdel-Tawab also claimed another gold in the 100m while Fathallah won silver in the 100m. Additionally, Soheila Taha secured the bronze medal in the discus, the only female Egyptian participant.

The championship is one of the biggest tournaments listed in the International Paralympic Committee’s qualification agenda for the Paris 2024 Games.

The delegation was headed by Shaaban Al-Khatib, Egyptian Paralympic Committee board member. The technical and administrative staff included Mohamed Eissa as head of the technical team, Ahmed Khairi the javelin coach, Ahmed Nasr running and jumping coach, and Mahmoud Al-Attar team administrator.   

Celebrating Egypt’s achievements, Al-Khatib lauded Egypt’s eight medals, attributing the collection to Egypt’s “unwavering commitment to sports and its active engagement across various competitive platforms”.

Al-Khatib emphasised Egypt’s “holistic approach to sports, both Olympic and Paralympic”, crediting continuous state support as a driving force behind athletes’ achievements”. He thanked Ashraf Sobhi, the minister of youth and sports, and the Egyptian Paralympic Committee under Hossameddin Mustafa, for their “relentless backing of sporting heroes, fostering a culture of excellence on continental and global stages”.

With an unwavering dedication to maintaining Egypt’s prowess in Paralympic athletics, Al-Khatib underscored the relentless efforts of coaching staff and athletes in securing Egypt’s “enduring presence at the pinnacle of sporting success”.

Coach Khairi expressed “utmost delight” at the team’s outstanding performance during their remarkable journey at the championship.

“This prestigious tournament serves as a pivotal qualifier for the highly anticipated Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. Hosting a formidable array of 54 nations, this championship stands as one of the esteemed six tournaments paving the path to the Paris Paralympics,” explained Khairi.

He remarked on the tournament’s “fierce and spirited” competition, underscoring its role as “a crucible of athletic excellence with the participation of 54 distinguished countries”.

The accomplished Egyptian Paralympian also highlighted his heightened state of readiness, attributed to his extensive exposure in international tournaments. He credited the unwavering commitment of the Paralympic Committee, under the leadership of Mustafa, for continually fostering a culture of global participation and athletic achievement.

Khairi emphasised the tournament’s significance in honing athletes’ skills through intense competition, especially in anticipation of the World Championship in Japan scheduled for May.

Amidst the grandeur of the championship, Khairi passed the rigorous Paralympic Athletics coaching course. Under the watchful guidance of the International Paralympic Committee, the accomplishment stands as a testament to his dedication and expertise.

In celebration of the achievement, the Egyptian Paralympic Committee extended its heartfelt congratulations. “His successful completion of the coaching course reflects the committee’s commitment to nurturing and empowering Paralympic athletes, enabling them to excel not only in competition but also in coaching roles,” EPC President Mustafa said.

Khairi’s journey is a tale of resilience and triumph. A former Paralympic champion adorned with multiple gold and silver medals, he now imparts his wisdom and experience as the guiding force behind Egypt’s national Paralympic Athletics team. His dedication to excellence and passion for the sport illuminates the path for aspiring athletes and coaches alike.


* A version of this article appears in print in the 2 May, 2024 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly

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