In Photos: Special exhibition at NMEC pays tribute to workers in ancient Egypt

Nevine El-Aref , Saturday 4 May 2024

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) marked Labour Day with the opening of a special art exhibition titled "Workers: Builders of Civilization."

 National Museum of Egyptian


The exhibit opened on Friday and runs for 10 days. 

It features a collection of photographs highlighting various professions, particularly those inherited through generations, alongside the pivotal role of workers in ancient Egyptian civilization.

“The exhibition shows the indispensable role of workers in societal advancement, citing their historical significance in shaping one of humanity's greatest civilizations,” Ahmed Ghoneim, CEO of the NMEC, pointed out.

Meisra Abdullah, deputy CEO for archaeological affairs, explained that the exhibition is significant because it portrays the continuity of professions from ancient Egypt to the present.

This illustrates illustrating the integral part they play in contemporary Egyptian identity. He praised the ancient Egyptians' prowess in collective work, noting their contributions to architectural marvels that define Egyptian civilization.

Najwa Bakr, director of training management at the museum, lauded the exhibition for its portrayal of Egyptian workers' lives through modern imagery by Egyptian artist Ahmed Mustafa. The photographs depict various professions, from farmers to beekeepers, bridging the gap between past and present while honouring Egypt's rich heritage of work and creativity.

The NMEC also features interactive screens showcasing the labour system in ancient Egypt and exhibits documenting workers' presence in ancient times. Visitors can explore a virtual tour of the tomb of the chief of workers in the Valley of the Kings, among other attractions.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the museum is hosting a series of lectures, including "By Egyptian Hands: Glimpses of Workers' Lives in Ancient Egypt" by Abdullah, discussing labour organizations in ancient Egypt.

Another lecture, "Professions of Egyptian Women Throughout the Ages" by Bakr, sheds light on women's significant contribution to nation-building throughout history.

The celebration at the NMEC not only commemorates Labour Day but also serves as a tribute to the enduring legacy of Egyptian workers and their contributions to civilization.

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