Palestine from Cairo series: Letters on Transit

Amira Noshokaty , Tuesday 7 May 2024

The French Cultural Institute in Cairo dedicated two days last week to highlight the arts and culture of Palestine in an air of peace and fraternity under the title: Here’s Palestine programme, the most outstanding part of which was the one-day workshop “Letters on Transit.”

Letters on transit
Letters on transit workshop At French Cultural Center, Cairo. Photo by Amira Noshokaty.


Around 14 drawings that survived the Gaza genocide and made it to Cairo were displayed.

The workshop was held at the French Cultural Institute in Cairo, to put such artworks in the limelight and establish a connection between Gaza artists who managed to reach Cairo.

“Our idea is to introduce Gaza artworks, show how they reflect the life of artists amid death in Gaza, and introduce them to other artists from Gaza who could come to Cairo and who would build on such works and develop them until the artwork is complete,” Hala El-Najy, Palestinian architect, artist, professor, and PhD researcher at University of Westminster, London, explained to Ahram Online.

Among Gaza artists who managed to send seven of his works in progress and paintings and catch up with them in Cairo was Tawfik Gebril, an art professor in Gaza.

Professor Gebril, reflecting on his artwork especially after being displaced to Rafah, explained that he depicted the tents, people on the move, how they ate together during the month of Ramadan, how sometimes the supplies fell on top of the displacement tents, and how he managed to portray hope and patience in all his drawings nevertheless.

“After reaching Egypt, the rescue phase, you can see traces of colour. Before that, it was black and white, and instead of being only confided into tents, I started drawing the sky, a sign of communication and hope,” he told AO.





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